Fixing Your Own Car? Here Are The Top 5 Places To Go For Car Repair Advice

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Check Fixing Your Own Car? Here Are The Top 5 Places To Go For Car Repair Advice

If you like to play with things and are a DIY enthusiast, you may not be interested in taking your car or truck to the shop or dealer for repair; you may want to fix it by yourself. Car and truck repair, especially as a hobby, is great for the handyman, in large part because it is fairly easy to do. The premise is that there is a broken part, it needs to be replaced, therefore it needs to be removed and something new needs to go in the same place. Of course, there may be more to it than that, like the diagnosis, figuring out what exact part went wrong that is related to the symptoms you are experiencing.

This can be difficult for someone inexperienced or someone who has just started handling their car or truck; in fact, it can be really daunting and start looking for ways to get your vehicle to a shop for proper diagnosis and preparation. Fortunately, you don’t have to if you’re determined to fix it yourself – there are tons of resources online for car repair tips, diagnostics, people experiencing the same issues, etc.

Follow below and we’ll show you some of the best places to get the right tips for getting your vehicle repaired.


One of the best places to get auto repair advice is online forums. These are usually places where other manipulators are trying to diagnose and repair their cars. In these forums there are people of all skill levels, as well as enthusiasts for that specific car on the forum. It’s a great place to post and seek advice on your problem, in large part because in those forums, there are usually some people who have or have been through a similar symptom or diagnostic problem with their vehicle. Forums make it easy to find those posts and start interacting with those people.

Often you can find step by step in these forum posts to diagnose your problem. Not only are other people giving you advice on how to diagnose and repair your car, but they are also giving you steps so you can really start learning how to properly handle your vehicle. It is a great opportunity not only to learn about the individual quirks of your car, but also a great way to start learning the proper diagnostic procedures.

Another note, there is generally not a single forum for all vehicles. It is usually divided into different forums for different types of vehicles, and then obviously each forum has its own car or truck enthusiast. For example, if you were looking for advice on diagnosing and repairing a Dodge Ram, is your go-to place. However, you may not find good advice there for, for example, a Jeep Wrangler; We recommend that you visit to obtain that information. In most cases, a quick Google search of the vehicle make and model followed by the word “forum” is the best way to find that specific resource (ie, “Chevy Silverado forum”).

Another great resource is Here, you won’t necessarily find personalized diagnostic and repair advice like you would in a forum. However, you will find useful blogs that will tell you everything you need to know about general car problems such as why the ABS light is on, why the battery light is on, when you need new brakes, etc. They do offer some tutorials, like how to fill your tires correctly, but again, you won’t find the number of guides that you will find in a forum. It’s better suited for general car advice than anything else, which is still useful if you’re new to vehicles and want to start understanding more about vehicles in general.

Besides that, they are also a great resource for selling your vehicle. They’ll put you in touch with dealerships for trade-in deals, help you get your car’s value, and even allow you to list it in their market.

RepairPal is another great resource. They have a “Questions” forum where you can ask specific questions about the vehicle and get answers from the community. It doesn’t really look like a traditional forum and it can be difficult to find answers and answers to your questions. You can still ask questions and get answers, but it certainly won’t be like the kind of answer you’d get in a forum. Not only that, but RepairPal appears to be lacking in information on newer model vehicles.

What makes RepairPal super unique is its OBD II code database. OBD stands for On-Board Diagnostics and they are codes that appear when there is something wrong with a part connected to your computer’s brain, the PCM. Usually the service check engine light will appear in a situation like this. Once this happens, you plug in a scanner to extract the codes from the vehicle, and it’ll pick up something like, say, P0101, which is usually a mass air flow sensor. On top of that, with a scanner, you can extract the code, take it to RepairPal, write it to your database, and you will get information about that code: what it is, symptoms, common problems, etc. Helpful tool for someone who might have a cheap scanner that can’t give you the information that, for example, a $ 5000 diagnostic scanner could.

There are some other cool features on RepairPal if you are looking for advice on how much it would cost to replace something. For example, if you’re wondering how much a front brake pad replacement would cost, you can enter your make and model, zip code and RepairPal will give you an estimate of what the repair looks like in your area. You can even modify it with other things that may need to be replaced, such as brake rotors, calipers, etc. is another excellent resource. There are some educational articles to help you understand the major components of your vehicle. For example, they have an article on how an automatic transmission works instead of a manual transmission. Therefore, it is not really an advice resource, but a way to better understand how cars work.

However, one area that makes YouFixCars a great resource is that they are an excellent source for vehicle-specific repair manuals. They cost a bit of money, but they provide the same manuals that come from the manufacturer and / or the manuals that the dealer technicians use.

They occasionally offer other helpful items, such as reducing coolant leaks and diagnosing heater problems.

1A automatic

1A Auto, along with forums, is easily one of the best resources on the Internet for auto advice. They offer excellent information on auto repair on their blog at; however, where they really stand out is in their detailed how-to videos.

They provide videos for changing specific parts on a wide range of vehicles. Want to know how you can change a fan speed resistor on a Chevrolet Venture and similar trucks? 1A Auto has a video that will walk you through the entire process step by step. Want to learn how to replace the calipers on, say, an older Tahoe or third-generation Chevy Suburban? 1A Auto has videos on that too. If you visit, you can search for specific repairs for your vehicle by entering your make and model information.

In addition to the great tips and tutorials they offer, 1A Auto is also a parts reseller. You can usually find higher quality parts here sometimes at half the price your local auto parts store has. If you have a part that you know you’ll need soon and want to replace, or can wait for the part to arrive, 1A Auto is also a great place to save money on replacement parts.


As you can see, finding advice on repairing your specific vehicle online is extremely easy. With the wealth of expert information available on the Web these days, if you’re willing to put in a little effort, you can easily fix most of your own car problems going forward. Sure, there are some things you might not want to try, like replacing valves in cylinder heads or replacing piston rings. That’s a kind of deep engine repair that the average person just won’t be able to attempt, largely due to the experience required (deep engine parts are often a delicate and careful process), not to mention the number of tools and tools. specials. one would even have to start work.

Of course, if you ever start wrecking your car and you get stuck, remember that there is always a more experienced mechanic who can get you out of a tight spot. Except in very rare cases, you can never ruin something where it cannot be repaired. It might cost you a bit of money to repair if you find yourself in a situation like that, but the experience of trying to get out of it is priceless, especially for those who want to become expert hobbyists or even join the field one day. .

Final remarks: Fixing Your Own Car? Here Are The Top 5 Places To Go For Car Repair Advice

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