ArticleVersusFreshdesk vs Freshsales: find the best CRM for you

Freshdesk vs Freshsales: find the best CRM for you

Freshsales is a sales automation CRM, whereas Freshdesk handles customer support.

Freshdesk and Freshsales are two different but linked services that Freshworks offers to make customer relationship management easier and better. Freshdesk is software for customer service that helps businesses give great customer service. It has features like ticketing, email management, and self-service choices that help companies handle customer questions and requests for help in an effective way. Freshdesk is important because it can improve customer satisfaction, shorten response times, and centralize customer contacts, all of which make sure users have a good time.

Freshsales, on the other hand, is a CRM (customer relationship management) system for sales and marketing teams. It helps with managing leads, keeping track of emails, and organizing the sales process. Freshsales is a must-have for businesses that want to improve their sales processes, convert more leads, and keep a well-organized sales pipeline.

Freshdesk vs Freshsales Comparison Table

This table shows the most important differences between Freshdesk and Freshsales. Freshdesk is a ticketing system for customer service, while Freshsales is a customer relationship management system (CRM) that is great for sales management and tracking leads. Which one you choose depends on what your business wants.

Customer SupportRobust helpdesk ticketing systemSales-focused CRM
Contact ManagementLimited contact management capabilitiesComprehensive contact management
Sales AutomationBasic sales automationAdvanced sales automation
Lead ManagementLimited lead management featuresFull-fledged lead management
Email IntegrationEmail ticketing and basic email integrationEmail tracking and integration
TelephonyIntegrated phone supportNo built-in telephony
Analytics and ReportingExtensive customer support analyticsIn-depth sales analytics
CustomizationCustomizable for support needsHighly customizable for sales processes
PricingOffers multiple pricing plans for supportOffers various pricing plans for sales
Ease of UseUser-friendly interface for support tasksDesigned for sales teams, easy to use
Integration OptionsIntegrates with various third-party appsIntegrates with sales and marketing tools
Customer Service FeaturesKnowledge base, chat, and multichannel supportFocused on sales and lead generation
Mobile AccessibilityMobile app for support agentsMobile app for sales representatives
ScalabilitySuitable for customer service scalabilityScalable for growing sales operations
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User Interface and Ease of Use

Freshdesk vs Freshsales

Freshdesk has an easy-to-use interface that makes it easier to provide customer help. It has a well-organized dashboard that makes it easy for agents to handle tickets, look at customer information, and work together. Workflows and automations that can be changed to fit your needs increase efficiency.

On the other hand, Freshsales has a sales process management system that is easy to use and looks good. The style is made for sales teams, with an emphasis on managing leads and deals. Pipeline management is made easier with drag-and-drop tools and easy access to leads, contacts, and deals. Both Freshsales and Freshdesk focus on the user experience, but Freshdesk does a better job of easing customer support tasks while Freshsales does a better job of streamlining sales-focused tasks.

Freshdesk vs Freshsales: Integration Capabilities

Freshdesk does a great job in this area because it has a lot of different integrations that make it useful for businesses of all kinds. It works well with famous tools like Slack, Trello, and Google Workspace, making it easier for teams to work together and get more done. Freshdesk also has a marketplace with more than 500 apps that lets users modify their support system in a lot of ways.

On the other hand, Freshsales doesn’t have as many integrations as Freshdesk, but it puts quality over number. It integrates well with important business apps like Mailchimp, Google Calendar, and Zapier, making the sales and marketing processes easier to manage. Freshsales also has a strong API that lets businesses make their own connections as needed. Freshdesk is best if you want to connect everything, while Freshsales focuses on the most important sales and marketing links. So, you should choose between Freshdesk and Freshsales based on how you want to connect them.

Freshdesk vs Freshsales: Customization and Scalability

Freshdesk vs Freshsales

Freshdesk gives users a lot of control over how their help ticketing system works, so they can make it fit their own workflows and branding. Its marketplace has a lot of connections and add-ons that make it more useful. But it’s mostly made for customer support, which could make it hard to expand for businesses that want more CRM features.

On the other hand, Freshsales was made from the start to be a CRM. It makes sales and marketing efforts very easy to scale up. Users can make changes to lead scoring, routines, and reports so that they fit with how they do sales. Because the system’s API is open, it can be easily integrated with other tools, which makes it easier to scale. But because it focuses on CRM, it may not be as customizable as Freshdesk when it comes to customer service.

Freshdesk: Pros and Cons


  • Robust customer support features.
  • Suitable for managing tickets efficiently.
  • Offers multichannel support options.
  • User-friendly interface.


  • Not designed for sales automation.
  • Less comprehensive analytics for sales.

Freshsales: Pros and Cons


  • Advanced sales automation features.
  • In-depth sales analytics.
  • Scalable for growing sales operations.
  • Integrates seamlessly with marketing tools.


  • Not designed for customer support.
  • Lacks built-in telephony.

Freshdesk vs Freshsales: Which one should you consider?

Which one you choose between Freshdesk and Freshsales depends on what your business does best. Freshdesk shines as a customer support and helpdesk solution because it has a lot of features, a great ticketing system, and choices to make it your own. Freshsales, on the other hand, is a CRM that is made for sales and marketing. It is great at managing leads, automating tasks, and doing sales data.

Consider Freshdesk if you want to provide great customer service and keep track of tickets. Choose Freshsales if you want to make your sales and marketing efforts bigger. Both are good options, but your choice should be based on your business’s main goals, like giving top-notch support or making your sales processes more efficient.


Is Freshsales part of Freshdesk?

Freshsales and Freshdesk are both business apps made by the company Freshworks.

Why Freshdesk is better?

Freshdesk’s knowledge base has an easy-to-use interface that makes it simple to build and organize knowledge articles. It can also be changed to fit your needs, has rich text layout, and more. Users can make articles and put them in files, categories, and “solution articles.”

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