DealsGarmin 010-02064-70 Instinct Tactical Rugged GPS Watch is down to just $201

Garmin 010-02064-70 Instinct Tactical Rugged GPS Watch is down to just $201

The Garmin 010-02064-70 Instinct Tactical is a tough GPS watch made for athletes, people who like to be outside, and people in the military. The Instinct Tactical is made to last in rough conditions thanks to its rugged design. It meets military standards for thermal, shock, and water resistance (up to 100 meters), so it can be used for outdoor adventures in any environment. The watch has a reliable GPS system that lets you know where you are, plan routes, and find your way through rough terrain.

It tells you exactly where you are and lets you mark waypoints, retrace your steps, and even use a compass to find your way. As the name suggests, the Instinct Tactical has features that are designed for tactical use. It has a Jumpmaster mode for operations in the air, projected waypoints for finding your way to places you have already set up, and a dual-position format that shows multiple coordinate systems. The watch can track a wide range of activities, such as steps, distance, calories burned, and heart rate.


  • Rugged and Durable Design
  • GPS Navigation
  • Tactical Specific features
  • Constructed to U.S. Military Standard 810G for Thermal, Shock and Water Resistance
  • Advanced Sensors

It also has advanced metrics like estimating your VO2 max, tracking your stress, and analyzing your sleep. This lets you keep track of your overall health and fitness levels. The Instinct Tactical has profiles for running, cycling, swimming, and other sports already on it. These profiles give you specific data metrics for each activity. This lets you evaluate your performance and set personal goals.
If your phone and watch are connected, your watch can get calls, texts, emails, and app alerts from your phone.

This lets you stay in touch even when you’re on the go, without having to check your phone all the time. The Instinct Tactical has a great battery life, which is one of its best features. In smartwatch mode, it can last for up to 14 days, in GPS mode for up to 16 hours, and in UltraTrac battery saver mode for up to 40 hours. With this longer battery life, the watch won’t run out of power on long trips outside. The watch has a number of sensors that make it work better.

It has a built-in three-axis compass, barometric altimeter, and multiple global navigation satellite systems (GPS, GLONASS, and Galileo) for accurate positioning and tracking of elevation. The Instinct Tactical works perfectly with the Garmin Connect app, which lets you look at and share your activity data, make custom workouts, and join challenges with a large online community of fitness fans.

How to get Garmin 010-02064-70 Instinct Tactical Rugged GPS Watch?

The Garmin 010-02064-70 Instinct Tactical is a GPS watch with a lot of features made for outdoor activities and tactical use. It has a strong build, advanced navigation features, the ability to track activities, and a long battery life, making it a reliable companion for anyone who likes to be outside or who needs a tough watch for work. Whether you’re a hiker, runner, member of the military, or just want a tough GPS watch, the Instinct Tactical has a lot of great features to meet your needs.

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