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Dead Island 2: How To Get All 8 Legendary Weapons

In Dead Island 2: How To Get All 8 Legendary Weapons, legendary guns are the most powerful weapons. There are only 8 Legendary Weapons in total, giving you the most overpowered bonuses and the most places to completely destroy your enemies. Each one of these tools is very different and very strong. You can even find Legendary Guns like a deadly pistol or a classic AK-47 that can kill whole armies of zombies.

Most of the time, you can’t find a Legendary Weapon until after you finish the main story. Because of this, if you want to find all the guns on our list, there are a few small spoilers coming up. If you can’t find a quest that lets you unlock a rare, it’s probably not out yet. Check your fast travel to see if there are any side quests you can do. The map doesn’t always show where the side quests are, but it does tell you where to look. Visit their official website for more information.

How To Get All 8 Legendary Weapons in Dead Island 2

The One

  1. First, head to beautiful Venice Beach, but more towards the city.
  2. If you’re looking at your map, look for a building with an L shape with another being a rectangle to the right of it.
  3. Make your way to the rectangular building, and trigger Sarah’s questline.
  4. Afterwards, meet Sebastian in Lotusville Mall to get The One.

Big Shot

  1. Start by heading to Bel-Air.
  2. Look for the It’s Not Your Fault side quest, it’s one of 4 side quests in this area.
  3. The building is located near the top of the area with a large tennis court under it.
  4. You should also see a triangular windowed roof.
  5. As a result of beating this mission, Luciana will reward you with the weapon.

Body Count

After you’ve done the Redacted mission, head to Venice Beach. Firstly, you’ll see three crates, head into the open one and go to the back, the weapon will be there.

Party Starter

  1. Weapon: Make your way to Lotusville Mall, which will be at the left-hand corner of the Ocean Avenue map.
  2. Complete the Drunk and Disorderly mission.
  3. After that, head to the parking garage, and look for a white car near the entrance.
  4. Open the trunk, and the weapon should be there.


What is the easiest legendary weapon to unlock in Dead Island 2?

The easiest legendary weapon to unlock in Dead Island 2 is none other than Emma’s Wrath, Sam’s iconic Bulldozer hammer – “a sledgehammer crossed with a shotgun.” It’s slow, but boy is it devastating with good AOE damage.

What is the best AR in Dead Island 2?

The Bodycount Legendary Assault Rifle is not only considered the best Assault Rifles in Dead Island 2, but the best weapon in the entire game.

What is the best handgun in Into the Dead 2?

Dual wield pistols are always rated highly in Into the Dead 2, and the Cartel Twins are the best in this category. You are given a decent amount of damage per shot and the dual wield capabilities mean that you can often get a lot of shots out before needing to reload.

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