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How To Get Bokoblin Mask in Tears of the Kingdom

Even though Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom gives you a lot of melee weapons and makes them the main focus of the game, you shouldn’t forget about the bow and arrow. In this article we will talk about the How To Get Bokoblin Mask in Tears of the Kingdom.

The ranged weapon can be very useful in many situations, and if you combine your arrows with strong items, you can have a pretty strong way to deal with many tough enemies. But since it’s a long-range weapon, it only has a limited number of projectiles.

Because of this, many people have wondered what the best way is to get more arrows and if they could make their own so they always have enough. Dive in and find out what we’ve learned about making arrows and collecting arrows in Tears of the Kingdom.

How To Get Bokoblin Mask in Tears of the Kingdom

  1. Make sure you’ve reached a certain point in the game where you can get the Bokoblin Mask.
  2. Find a reliable source of information, such as a game guide, forum, or online community, to find out how to get the Bokoblin Mask and where to get it
  3. Follow the game’s instructions or the information you have gathered to get the Bokoblin Mask. This could mean getting rid of enemies, solving puzzles, or doing certain tasks.
  4. Once you have the Bokoblin Mask, you should either add it to your inventory or put it on in the right place.
  5. In Tears of the Kingdom, you can use the Bokoblin Mask to get its benefits and use it to look like a Bokoblin or get special abilities.

What do the Bokoblin Mask do?

How To Get Bokoblin Mask in Tears of the Kingdom

With this mask, you can look like a Bokoblin, which is a great way to fool people. With it on, you can move around among them without being seen and check out enemy camps without waking up a bunch of Bokoblins who might eat your weapons.

And if you do want to fight them, it’s a great tool for sneak-strike attacks that are easy to use.

Where is the Bokoblin Mask located?

In The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom, you have to go on a side quest called “The Hunt for Bubbul Gems” to get the Bokoblin Mask.

If you already have a Bubbul Gem when you start the quest, you don’t have to do what it asks you to do, but you still have to give one to the mysterious person who gives you the task.


How do you get all the masks in breath of the wild?

The first four can be purchased from Kilton the Monster Parts Merchant. The last five require specific amiibo. Wearing each mask will provide protection from those particular monsters as long as the mask is worn.

How do you get the goblin mask in breath of the wild?

Locations Found: This item can only be bought from Kilton the Monster Parts Merchant – first found at the Skull Lake in Akkala at night, and then outside other towns at night. You must exchange monster parts for Mon, and buy it for 99 Mon.

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