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How to Get Mortar Strikes in MW2 DMZ

The Season 2 how to Get Mortar Strikes in MW2 DMZ: DMZ, including a new Faction, new missions, and the Ashika Island map. Some of the new content, like the fact that many of the new Faction missions take place on Ashika Island, does go together.

One of these missions is to find Mortar Strikes in DMZ, which has been giving many players trouble. This mission, called “Death From Above,” is a tier 2 mission that players get from White Lotus. Mortar Strikes are known to be a killstreak in Call of Duty, and they are in Warzone 2 and Modern Warfare 2.

But in DMZ, players won’t be able to get them from loot on the ground or by getting a certain number of kills in a row. Instead, players just have to spend time on Ashika Island to get Mortar Strikes. You can find out more by reading the guide below. Visit their official website for more information.

How to unlock Mortar Strikes in MW2 DMZ

How to Get Mortar Strikes in MW2 DMZ
  1. Objective: Get eight total kills in a single session with mortars.
  2. Kills can be obtained from other players or hostile NPCs.
  3. It is recommended to target either Al Qatala or Shadow Company soldiers as they are less likely to dodge mortar strikes.
  4. Obtain mortars by visiting a nearby Buy Station.
  5. Players will need to spend at least $12,000 to purchase eight total mortars.
  6. It is advisable to purchase a few extras.
  7. Ashika Island is the preferred location for this mission due to its condensed map and hotspots of hostile NPCs.
  8. Areas such as Beach Club, Tsuki Castle, and Port Ashika are prime locations to target mortar strikes.

What is DMZ in Warzone?

Warzone adds a new battle royale map and a new game mode that is similar to Escape from Tarkov. The extraction-style mode is called DMZ, and players are free to complete faction-based missions in Al Mazrah, take on additional side objectives, or fight with enemy Operators and AI combatants. They can also look for valuable loot, but their main goal is to fight to stay alive until they can escape.

Instead of jumping out of a plane, players enter the video game at random points around the map. This means that not everyone will do the same tasks. DMZ is meant to be played with a group of three people, but you can also queue up by yourself or with another person.


Where can I buy Mortar Strike in MW2?

The Mortar Strikes themselves can be purchased from MW2 DMZ Buy Stations for $12,000 each, and there are usually three in stock for you to pick up. Try and purchase as many as you possibly can though, as sometimes it can be a bit temperamental.

What does DMZ mean in MW2?

Now you know it means demilitarised zone, even though we don’t know why they landed on that name. We also cove where to use the Farmer’s Lunchbox key in MW2 DMZ, so you get some valuable loot.

Why won’t DMZ let me plea for help?

In order to plea for help in MW2 and Warzone 2 DMZ, first you have to play with another player, and it can’t be used in the solo part of the game. Then you can only use a plea for help when your teammate is alive and you have died. So you can’t use this option when you are knocked out.

Can you deploy in DMZ MW2?

When deploying into the DMZ, you will have the choice between Al Mazrah or Building 21. However, you won’t be able to enter Building 21 without a Building 21 Access Card. You can find Building 21 Access Cards randomly in Orange Supply Boxes and Supply Drops around Al Mazrah.

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