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Destiny 2: How to Get the High Albedo

In Destiny 2: How to Get the High Albedo, Sidearms have always been an interesting type of weapon in Destiny 2, and even though few of them ever make it to the endgame, they’re still fun and useful in their own niches.

That’s true for most Sidearms, including the High Albedo, which you can get if you buy the Beyond Light expansion. As a three-round burst weapon, it’s on the more useful end of the archetype, but with only 27 rounds by default, it can be hard to keep up. Here’s how to add the High Abledo to your list of weapons.

How to Get High Albedo in Destiny 2

Get the “A Hard Rain Falls” Quest done

“A Hard Rain Falls” can be started with the Beyond Light expansion by talking to the Exo Stranger at Europa’s Campsite. You will be asked to clean up a number of Patrols and Public Events in the Eclipsed Zone, which are marked by asteroids. If you get the Stasis Regeneration buff, you should know you’re in the right place.

Heroic Public Events is the best way to move forward on the Quest because it gives you the most progress. Once you’ve done everything you need to do, just go back to the Exo Stranger to get your first High Albedo Sidearm.

Farm “Europa Explorer I” Sabotage Quest

Destiny 2: How to Get the High Albedo

You can try farming the “Europa Explorer I” Sabotage Quest after getting a High Albedo from the “A Hard Rain Falls” quest and adding it to your Collections. To get the Quest, you need 30 Herealways Pieces.

Don’t worry if you can’t find the Sabotage Quest and thought this way to farm for Destiny 2’s High Albedo in 2023 no longer worked. That just means you have to do his Challenges over and over again until it shows up on the second page of Variks’s Quest page before you can get it.

Farm Europa Lost Sectors

When you reach the second level of the Europan Gear tree in the Sabotage Quest upgrade, you will get a weapon from Europa when you finish a Lost Sector for the first time each week. Still, the drops are random, so you would also want to farm Legend Lost Sector for more loot.

Find the most valuable targets

Lastly, most people in the Destiny 2 community say that the best way to get Brig HVTs is to farm them in Cadmus Ridge or Eventide Ruins. Since they always spawn every 5 to 10 minutes and their chests always drop a Europa Legendary, it is likely that you will get a High Albedo often. But, as always, all you can do is hope that RNGod is on your side.


Where is empirical evidence in Destiny 2?

How to Get Empirical Evidence in Destiny 2. You can obtain Empirical Evidence from activities in the Throne World — that means story missions, lost sectors, ranking up with Fynch, and so on. Once you’ve obtained enough Deepsight rolls of the weapon, you can craft it.

Is Syncopation 53 good?

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