Google Photos vs OneDrive 2023: review, features, pros and cons

The worst thing is when your hardware breaks and you lose photos and videos. So, it’s very important to make sure that your library of photos and videos is backed up properly, especially in a good cloud storage service. It’s easier to say than to do. The high resolution of smartphone cameras and the small amount of storage space they offer mean that you’ll run out of space sooner rather than later.

OneDrive and Google Photos are both cloud storage services with great sync features for backing up multimedia content. But in some ways, the ways they work are very different. How do they compare on the most popular mobile platforms? Let’s find out.

You can access your data, photos, videos, and other digital files stored in the cloud from far away. The service is very useful because it makes it easy to move around and share information. You can store all of your important photos and documents in the form of photos using cloud services like Google Photos or Onedrive.

When you use these cloud services, you can get to your files from anywhere and on any device. Putting photos in the cloud is a good idea. You probably use Google Photos or iCloud, but that’s a given. But did you know there are other things you could do? Onedrive is a good example.


Google Photos starts out with a generous 15 GB of storage space. But that storage will also be used by Gmail and Google Drive. Then, you’ll have to pay for a Google One subscription, which starts at $1.99 per month for 100GB.

OneDrive gives you 5 GB of free storage space. You can buy a Microsoft 365 subscription that gives you access to all of Microsoft’s Office apps and 1TB of storage on OneDrive. Prices begin at $59.99 per year.

Google Photos: Features


  • Automatically Share Photos
  • Adjust the Backup Quality
  • Hide People from Memories
  • Automatically Add Photos to an Album
  • Display Your Photos as a Slideshow
  • You can download Google photos easily

OneDrive: Features


Google Photos vs OneDrive Compatibility and interface

Google Photos vs OneDrive

Both Google Photos and OneDrive work on multiple platforms. Microsoft’s product is available on Windows, iOS, Android, the Web, and Mac, and the same app can be used everywhere. On the other hand, Google Photos only has apps for iOS and Android. You’ll have to use the web version on Mac and Windows. The gallery section of OneDrive is also directly connected to the Photos app on Windows.

This is not possible with Google. Both Android and iOS have widgets, so there’s not much to choose between them here. In terms of the user interface, both platforms follow the guidelines for the material design theme. You get a useful bottom bar for easy navigation, and they also work with the dark theme.

Google Photos vs OneDrive Google Photos vs OneDrive Free Up Space

One of the best reasons to move your photos to the cloud is that it will free up space on your phone or tablet. But instead of having to delete photos by hand, Google Photos has a cool feature called “Free Up Space” that does it for you. It will check the storage space on your device to see which photos you have uploaded to the cloud. Then you’ll see a button that you can tap once to get rid of all the duplicate copies on your local media.

Google Photos vs OneDrive Cross-Platform Availability

As part of Microsoft’s “Mobile first, Cloud first” philosophy, the OneDrive app is built in to all devices. The OneDrive app can be used on Windows, iOS, Android, Mac, and the Web.

There are Google Photos apps for both Android and iOS. You will have to use the Web or a Progressive Web App for Windows and Mac (PWA). This is a treat for Windows users. On Windows 10, the gallery section of OneDrive is built right into the Photos app. Google doesn’t like it when things work together.

Google Photos vs OneDrive Auto Backup and Organization

Google Photos vs OneDrive

Both Google Photos and OneDrive have ways to automatically upload photos and videos. Just go to Settings and make sure that images and videos can be uploaded. In terms of reliability, we found that Google Photos was more accurate and consistent with its uploading process. OneDrive goes to sleep a lot, which stops auto-uploading. Even though it doesn’t happen very often and is likely caused by an aggressive Android skin, it’s still worth mentioning.

Both Google Photos and OneDrive let you make your own photo albums, but OneDrive is better at organizing your photos. Give us a chance to explain. OneDrive puts every photo and video in the Camera folder into a folder for each month. It makes a huge difference when you are looking for a specific picture in a large library of photos. Microsoft also says it will release a new update in the next month that will automatically put your photos into folders based on where they came from, whether you saved them from WhatsApp or took a screenshot yourself.

Google Photos Pros and Cons


  • Affordable price
  • Easy to use
  • Cloud storage
  • Cross-platform


  • Inadequate editing tools
  • Unlimited storage ending soon
  • Some odd search results

OneDrive Pros and Cons


  • Excellent interface
  • Strong online photo presentation and management
  • Powerful file-sharing and collaborative editing


  • Less free storage than some competitors
  • Doesn’t back up all folders on drive

Which one should you consider?

Google Photos wins because its operations and algorithm for storing your photos are better than those of the other two. OneDrive does have some good parts, too. But Google Photos is better in a lot of ways. Google Photos is also used by most people.


Do I need OneDrive if I use Google Photos?

But Google Photos has benefits when it comes to editing photos and cost. But OneDrive has an advantage over Google Photos because it can store more file types than Google Photos. So, if you want to store not only photos but also other kinds of files, we suggest that you use OneDrive.

Can OneDrive replace Google Photos?

OneDrive is popular with business users because it works well with Office apps, but it can also be used instead of Google Photos. You can put the app on your phone and have it sync your photos to the cloud automatically.

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