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ArticleVersusGoogle Tasks vs Google Keep: what's the best to-do app for you?

Google Tasks vs Google Keep: what’s the best to-do app for you?

Google Tasks is a simple to-do list software, whereas Google Keep organizes and takes notes.

Things used to be planned and scheduled on paper, and sticky notes were used as reminders. Well, that time is definitely over now that computers and apps have made every part of our lives digital. We’ll use two Google to-do list apps, Google Tasks and Google Keep, which make it much easier to plan and schedule our daily chores. One of the easiest and most well-known writing apps for Android is Google Tasks.

Before, it was called Gmail Tasks and lived under the menu button in Gmail for years. But Google changed Google Tasks by adding new tools and a new look. Google Keep is a simple and basic app that hides a lot of features. Let’s try to figure out what makes one different from the other based on different things.

Google Tasks vs Google Keep Comparison table

A straightforward task organizer that works well for creating to-do lists and scheduling appointments is Google Tasks. Conversely, Google Keep is useful for taking notes, creating lists, and organizing content-rich documents because it offers multiple note-taking formats and multimedia support.

FeatureGoogle TasksGoogle Keep
Task Management✔️ Task-oriented, ideal for to-do lists and scheduling✔️ Supports notes, lists, and task management.
Notes and Lists❌ Primarily focused on tasks.✔️ Supports rich notes, lists, and multimedia content.
Cross-Platform Access✔️ Available on web, mobile (iOS, Android), Gmail.✔️ Available on web, mobile (iOS, Android), and as a Chrome extension.
Integration with Gmail✔️ Integrated within Gmail and Google Calendar.❌ No direct integration with Gmail; separate app.
Reminders and Notifications✔️ Supports due dates and notifications.✔️ Reminders can be set for notes and lists.
Collaboration✔️ Share tasks with others in Google Workspace.✔️ Supports collaborative note editing and sharing.
Organization❌ Limited organization options; basic task lists.✔️ Labels, color-coding, and organization by topic.
Search Functionality❌ Limited search capabilities.✔️ Robust search functionality for notes and content.
Offline Access✔️ Limited offline access for mobile apps.✔️ Extensive offline access for notes and lists.
Attachments❌ No support for file attachments.✔️ Attach images, drawings, and files to notes.
Voice Input❌ No voice input feature.✔️ Supports voice notes and voice-to-text input.
Web Clipping❌ No web clipping feature.✔️ Capture web content and save it as notes.
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Google Tasks vs Google Keep: User Interface

Google Tasks vs Google Keep

Google Tasks is a simple app for keeping track of your tasks. It has a simple look and is mostly used to make and organize to-do lists. On the main screen, all of your jobs are listed in order of when they are due. You can make new tasks quickly, set due dates and reminders, and mark tasks as done. Google Keep is a note-taking app that can do more. It can be used to make to-do lists, but you can also make notes, drawings, and pictures with it.

On the main screen, all of your notes are in a grid that you can move around by dragging and dropping. You can also name and color your notes to help you keep track of them. Google Tasks has an easier-to-use design, while Google Keep lets you change things more. Which app is best for you relies on what you like and what you need.

FeatureGoogle TasksGoogle Keep
Primary purposeTask managementNote-taking
User interfaceStreamlined and minimalistCustomizable
Collaboration featuresNoYes
Supported media typesText, dates, and remindersText, images, drawings, and audio recordings

I’ve used both Google Tasks and Google Keep, and when it comes to keeping my to-do lists, I find that I like Google Tasks better. I like how clean and simple the user interface is, and how easy it is to make jobs and put them in order. I also like that Google Tasks works well with other Google Workspace apps like Gmail and Calendar.

But I think that Google Keep is a more useful app. I use it to keep track of thoughts, make notes, and make to-do lists that need more than just text and due dates. For example, I could use Google Keep to make a list of things I need to do to plan a trip. This list could include pictures of places I want to see and links to stories I’ve read about the destination.

Google Tasks vs Google Keep: Integration with Google Workspace

I’ve been using Google Workspace for a few years, and I’ve found that Google Tasks and Google Keep are two of the best ways to stay organized and on top of my work. Both tools work well with other Google Workspace apps, so my to-do lists, notes, and ideas are easy to reach and manage from anywhere. Google Tasks is a simple but useful app for making, managing, and prioritizing to-do lists. I like how Google jobs works with Gmail, so I can quickly add jobs from emails to my list.

FeatureGoogle TasksGoogle Keep
Task managementYesYes
Integration with Google WorkspaceYesYes

I also like that I can set due dates and reminders for my chores in Google chores. This helps me stay on track. Google Keep is a more flexible tool that can be used for many things, like taking notes, making lists, and saving bits of information. I like that Google Drive and Google Keep work together, so I can quickly get to my notes and lists from anywhere.

I also like that I can link images, videos, and other types of files to my notes in Google Keep. Overall, I find that Google Tasks and Google Keep are two of the most important tools I need to use at work to stay organized and get things done. Both tools work well with other Google Workspace apps, so my to-do lists, notes, and ideas are easy to reach and manage from anywhere.

Google Tasks vs Google Keep: Mobile Apps and Accessibility

Google Tasks vs Google Keep

The mobile apps for both Google Tasks and Google Keep are well-made and easy to use. But there are a few important ways in which the two apps are different. Google chores is an app made just for making to-do lists, so it has a number of features that help you manage your chores. You can, for example, make subtasks, set due dates and notes, and arrange your tasks in order of importance. You can also look at your tasks in different ways, like by due date, by importance, or as a list.

Google Keep is a note-taking app that can be used for many different things, so it has a bigger range of features. You can make written notes, checklists, images, and drawings, among other things. You can also work with other people on your notes and name them to keep them in order. I like how Google Tasks is designed when it comes to mobile apps. I think the layout is easier to use and makes more sense. But I also like how flexible Google Keep is, and I use it often for more general note-taking chores.

FeatureGoogle TasksGoogle Keep
AccessibilityText-to-speech, high contrast mode, larger font sizes, keyboard shortcutsText-to-speech, high contrast mode, larger font sizes, keyboard shortcuts
Mobile AppYesYes
Key FeaturesTo-do list management, due dates, remindersNote taking, web clippings, labels
Integration with Other Google ProductsYesYes

Google chores has a number of built-in features that make it easy for people with disabilities to use. For example, you can use screen gestures to move around in the app and have chores read out loud. Google Keep also has some features that make it easier for people with disabilities to use, but they are not as many as the features in Google Tasks. For example, Google Keep does not yet allow screen gestures or the ability to have notes read out loud. I like how easy it is to use Google Tasks. I like how strong and easy to use the accessibility tools are. But I hope that Google will continue to make Google Keep easier to use in the future.

Google Tasks vs Google Keep: Collaboration and Sharing

You can share notes, ideas, and pictures with other people on Google Keep. Because of this, it’s a great way to work on projects together or just share information with friends and family. To share something in Google Keep, just click the “Collaborator” button and enter the email address of the person you want to share it with. You can also choose to let them change or look at things.

I’ve used Google Keep to work with others on projects like making a blog post with a friend and planning a family trip. It’s been very helpful to be able to see what the other person is working on and make changes in real time. Google Keep is also a great way for me to share information with my family, like to-do lists and shopping lists.

FeatureGoogle KeepGoogle Tasks
Real-time editingYesNo
Permission controlsYesNo
Integration with Google CalendarYesYes

Google Tasks is a more organized way to keep track of tasks. It doesn’t have any tools for working together, so it’s best for use by one person. But Google Tasks works with Google Calendar, so you can easily see your tasks along with your other meetings and events. I maintain track of my own to-do list using Google Tasks. I like that it’s straightforward and easy to use. What’s even better is that it syncs with Google Calendar, so I can view all of my upcoming assignments in one location.

Google Keep is a better choice if you want to share and work together on something. It has a lot of tools, like real-time editing and permission controls, that make it easy to work with other people. But Google Tasks is a good choice if you want a more streamlined work management tool for your own use.

Google Tasks: Pros and Cons


  • Simple and intuitive for task management.
  • Tight integration with Gmail and Google Calendar.
  • Well-suited for straightforward to-do lists.


  • Lacks advanced organization and multimedia support.

Google Keep: Pros and Cons


  • Versatile note-taking with multimedia content.
  • Robust organization features like labels and color-coding.
  • Supports collaborative note editing and sharing.


  • May feel overwhelming for basic task management.
  • Less tightly integrated with Gmail compared to Google Tasks.

Google Tasks vs Google Keep: which one should you consider?

Your choice between Google Tasks and Google Keep will rely a lot on your needs and preferences. Google Tasks does a great job as a simple tool for managing tasks. It’s perfect for people who want an easy-to-use layout for making and managing to-do lists. It works well with other Google apps and services, making it a good choice for people who use a lot of Google products.

Google Keep, on the other hand, is a flexible note-taking app that lets you record thoughts and ideas and organize them visually. It’s great for people who want to take text-based notes as well as pictures and voice records. Keep is a useful tool for creative people and people who like to organize in a more visible way because it is flexible and easy to use. To choose between these two Google apps, you should think about your routine and how important task management or taking notes is to you.


Does Google Keep and Google Tasks work together?

Google Keep and Google Tasks can be used on any Google device. Both apps can be used in Google Drive, Gmail, Google Docs, and other Google services. But you’ll find that Google Keep works better with Google Docs and Google Tasks works better with Gmail.

Is Google Tasks worth it?

Google Tasks is a simple and effective way to keep track of your tasks, especially for people and teams who already use Google products. It’s easy to use, works on different platforms, and works with other Google services, which makes it a useful tool for organizing simple tasks and working together.

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