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Send Fake Picture in Kik

In this article we will teach you how to send fake images in KiK. Kik is a mobile messaging application that can be used on both Android and iPhone. The popular and free-to-use app is similar to Viber and WhatsApp, but has some additional features that set it apart from the rest. For example, an web browser, which means users are encouraged to spend more time in the app.

Kik is a free anonymous text messaging app with two functions for sending photos. With one, you can select a photo from your phone’s camera roll and send it to your chat. The other allows you to take a photo with your phone’s camera directly from the Kik app and (this is how you can use a camera roll photo on Instagram or take a new photo directly from the app).

The main difference is that when you send a photo directly from the Kik application, a small caption that says “camera” appears at the bottom. This tells the other person that you took the photo directly from Kik and that it is a “live” photo. In other words, it is a photo of something that just happened. In contrast, a camera roll photo (without the “camera” label below) can be an old photo, a screenshot. We below we have mention the steps to send Fake Picture in Kik.

How to Send Fake Picture in Kik

Download and install Kik

Start by opening the Xposed Installer app and going to the Download section in the side navigation menu. Tap the search icon and type “Kik”, then select the top result, Kik. Download the latest version from the Versions tab, then tap “Install” when prompted. When you’re done, make sure to activate the module and reboot to finish.

Adjust settings with Kik

Next, open the Kik app and grant the permissions it requests (storage and root). From there, head over to the Chat Settings section on the side navigation panel. If you enable the option “Fake Camera” here, the images sent from your gallery will be displayed as if they were taken with the Kik camera when the other party sees them. Then if you enable “Disable read receipts” and “Disable write receipts”, the other person will not know when you are writing or if they have read your message.

Then head over to the Visual Settings section to see all the other options that are available. My personal favorite here is the “Exact Dates” switch, which shows precise timestamps instead of approximations. But if you want, you can use the Color Settings section here to effectively create a theme for the official Kik app.

Final Words

We hope our article on how to send fake images on Kik will help you and resolve all your problems. While on Kik, as on all platforms, there are scams, identity theft and similar incidents, most of the fake photos found on the site exist as part of a real joke, joke or theatrical performance for no better word. The remaining fake photos are often “security” selfies, used as a defense against intruders or unwanted customers.

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James Hogan
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