ReviewsHerman Miller Sayl review (2023) the ergonomic office chair

Herman Miller Sayl review (2023) the ergonomic office chair

The Sayl is a delightfully quirky gaming chair.


Design and Features


The Sayl is extremely comfortable, and the mesh back is unique and breathable. As long as you choose the fully adjustable option, which we would recommend, it is very easy to adjust it to your own body and seating style.

If you are like us, you’re probably sick of cheap chairs that hurt your back and break after six months, costing you hundreds of dollars. Well, you have another choice. Today, we’ll talk about the Herman Miller Sayl, an office chair made to be comfortable and last a long time. It’s easy to see where the name of this chair comes from. The famous designer Yves Béhar got the idea for the unique backrest from suspension bridges.

Herman Miller Sayl: Description

We know what you’re thinking: “It looks pretty flimsy,” right? Surprisingly, though, the Sayl has more support than most other office chairs on the market. This design is very open, which is a good thing. Simply put, this gaming chair lets in a lot of air. This keeps your body nice and cool, which cuts down on how much you sweat and makes you feel as good as possible. Even better, 93% of the chair can be recycled, so it’s good not only for you but also for the environment.

We were surprised by how many options there were that could be changed. The basic model costs about $500, and you can add on a number of extras if you want. You have a lot of options, with eight colors to choose from and even more for the upholstery. One thing is wrong, though. In the basic model, there are no armrests. This may seem like a minor complaint, but in reality, they’re important for good posture at work. But if you decide to get the armrests, you can move them both left and right, which is nice.

Herman Miller Sayl: Pros and Cons


  • Innovative and ergonomic design
  • Helpful movement for good posture
  • Eco-friendly materials that last


  • More expensive than some other office chairs
  • Armrests can be added, but they are not part of the base model.

Specification Table

Dimensions24.5″ W x 37″ – 42.5″ H x 24.5″ D
Seat Height15.5″ – 20″
Weight Capacity350 pounds
Backrest MaterialSuspension backrest made of elastomer strands
Frame MaterialGlass-filled nylon
ArmrestsOptional adjustable armrests
TiltAdjustable tilt tension and tilt limiter
Wheels2.5″ diameter hard casters
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Design and Features

Herman Miller Sayl review

The Sayl is already built, so you don’t have to worry about putting it together. Some people won’t like how the Sayl is made out of mesh. The mesh that goes around the back of the chair is more comfortable than it looks and really helps support your back. Also, it lets a lot of air through, which is great on hot days. We have a black one with a white back, but it comes in other colors as well.

For example, there is a special gaming edition that comes in different colors, such as red and “ocean deep.” The Sayl is part of a desk set up in my dining room. Its design goes better with the rest of the room than a more traditional office chair, which might look out of place. Adjustments include seat height, depth, tilt, lumbar height, and armrest height, angle, depth, and width, if you have the option with armrests, which I do. On some models, you can also change the size of the footring.

Herman Miller Sayl: Comfort

The Sayl is a chair that was made to be comfortable and meet a variety of ergonomic needs. The material of the backrest is very flexible, so your back and shoulders can spread their weight out over the chair. The Sayl doesn’t have a metal frame that creates pressure points like other chairs do. Also, this material is flexible enough to fit a wide range of body sizes and shapes.

The armrests are simple, but they can be moved in a lot of ways. They have seven different height settings, so you can find the best one for your elbows and arms when typing. If you like to lean back in your cheap gaming chair, the Sayl has a nice amount of tilt that you can control with a simple, easy-to-reach lever. There are three settings, and one of them is for sitting up straight with a small lean.

Herman Miller Sayl: Features

One of the most important things about a product is how long it lasts. We started our evaluation by looking at how much wear and tear it can handle without getting too bad. Based on how well we thought this Herman Miller Sayl Chair would last, we would give it an 8 out of 10. We did some manual tests to see how strong and durable it was, and we thought about a number of things. When put in tough situations, the chair was found to be flexible enough to stay together without getting too broken.

Still, the padding on the front of the armrest showed signs of wear and tear. The lever that comes with the Herman Miller Sayl Chair to change the height also looks like it could break. Some of the Herman Miller Sayl Chair reviews from people who had already bought them also caught our eye. We saw that the padding on the front seat or armrest had become torn and frayed. But this isn’t a big deal because the Herman Miller Sayl Chair comes with a 12-year warranty that covers everything.

The best thing about the armrest is that it can be adjusted to fit your needs. The main thing we looked at when rating the Herman Miller Sayl chair was how well the user can change it to fit their needs. As we moved on, we made sure that the chair was adjustable enough that it could be put in a position that was easy to use and comfortable enough to help you win the games.

Sayl has a fully customizable armrest so that you can be as comfortable as possible with as little work as possible. You can move the armrests to fit your needs. You can move them up and down, away or toward you, or adjust them in any way you want. But the mechanism that makes it go up or down didn’t really convince us. You might even mistake it for the same chair that looks the same but doesn’t have adjustable armrests. So, you might want to make sure that your chair has an armrest that can be moved.

Herman Miller Sayl: Performance

Herman Miller Sayl review

The Herman Miller Sayl is a very comfortable and well-designed office chair that is also very innovative. It has a unique design that was based on the way suspension bridges work. It also has a supportive and flexible mesh backrest that moves with your body.

The Sayl’s flexible suspension system also gives your spine dynamic support, which helps reduce pressure points and encourage good posture. Also, the chair’s controls are easy to use and let you change the height, tilt, and armrests so that the chair fits your needs.

The Sayl is also very durable and good for the environment because it uses few materials and is made to be easy to take apart and recycle. It has been put through a lot of tests to make sure it meets industry standards for performance and durability. This means it can last for years of daily use in a busy office.

Final Words

A cool piece of furniture is the Herman Miller Sayl gaming chair. It’s a stylish chair with an odd look that I really like. Even the most subtle options are still way, way out there in terms of how they look. The materials used to build it are the same as what you’d find in a normal Sayl, but there are no bright colors. It’s a great choice for gamers who want cool seating, but it probably won’t tie your office space together.


Is Sayl ergonomic?

Yes, the Sayl is a chair made for comfort. It has a back made of a material that molds to your body, armrests that can be set to 7 different heights, and lean controls that let you choose from 3 different ways to lean back.

Is Sayl comfortable?

The Sayl is very comfortable, and the mesh back makes it stand out and make it easier to breathe. As long as you get the fully adjustable version, which I’d recommend, it’s easy to make it fit your body and the way you like to sit.

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The Sayl is extremely comfortable, and the mesh back is unique and breathable. As long as you choose the fully adjustable option, which we would recommend, it is very easy to adjust it to your own body and seating style.Herman Miller Sayl review (2023) the ergonomic office chair