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How to Add the Recycle Bin to System Tray in Windows 11

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Check How to Add the Recycle Bin to System Tray in Windows 11

In Windows, the Recycle Bin is a folder or directory that temporarily stores deleted items. Deleted files are not permanently removed from the hard drive, but are moved to the recycle bin, as long as they are not too large. Files in the recycle bin can be restored to their original location. They cannot be used directly while in the Recycle Bin. All the files that you have deleted in Windows are stored in the recycle bin. While the default desktop shortcut is useful, Windows 11 doesn’t let you create an icon for the recycle bin on the taskbar. There is no need to worry if this sounds beneficial to you.

You can bring the recycle bin to your taskbar for easy access no matter how many windows you have open by downloading and installing third-party software. TrayBin and MiniBin allow you to add a trash can icon to the Windows 11 taskbar. In this article, we will show you how to add the recycle bin to the taskbar in Windows 11.

How to Add Recycle Bin to System Tray in Windows 11

How to add a recycle bin icon to the system tray with TrayBin

  • Open the TrayBin Softpedia page within a browser window.
  • Click the Download Now button on that page to save the TrayBin ZIP file to a folder.
  • Double-click the TrayBin ZIP to open it in File Explorer.
  • Click Extract All on the command bar.
  • Select Browse to choose an extraction path for the ZIP file.
  • Click Show Extracted Files When Finished to select that check box.
  • Select Extract to extract the files from the archive.
  • Then click TrayBin inside your extracted folder to add the Recycle Bin system tray icon shown directly below.

So now you have a handy trash can icon on your taskbar. Hovering your mouse pointer over this icon will bring up a tooltip telling you how many files it contains. Double-clicking this icon opens a message to delete multiple items. Click Yes to remove all files from the Recycle Bin.

You can also open the recycle bin with this icon. To do this, right-click the Recycle Bin tray icon and select the Open Recycle Bin context menu option. Then the trash can window will open.

Now you may want to configure the TrayBin settings. You can do this by right-clicking the Recycle Bin icon on the taskbar and selecting Settings. A TrayBin configuration window will open with additional options.

How to add a new recycle bin system tray icon with MiniBin

  • Open the Softpedia page for MiniBin.
  • Select the Download Now option to save MiniBin to a directory.
  • Then extract the MiniBin ZIP file as described in steps three through eight of the TrayBin download instructions above.
  • Double-click MiniBin- inside the extracted folder and click Yes at the UAC prompts.
  • Then select the Next and Accept options.
  • Click Next again to access the installation location options.
  • Select Browse to choose an installation directory.
  • Press the Install button.

Once done, you should see the MiniBin trash can icon in your system tray. This icon changes as it fills to highlight how full the bin is, with customizable icons for empty, full, 25%, 50%, and 75% full bins.

To customize the MiniBin icon, you need to manually download an alternative theme for it. You can download various icon packs from MiniBin’s DeviantArt theme repository. You must register and log in to DeviantArt to download a theme pack.

Once the theme has downloaded, right-click the MiniBin Recycle Bin and select Configure > Change Icons. In the submenu, select an icon you want to change. Select an alternate icon from your downloaded theme pack and click the Open button.

By default, double-clicking the MiniBin Recycle Bin on the taskbar deletes the files in the Recycle Bin. However, you can change this tray icon to open the Recycle Bin by double-clicking on it. Right-click the recycle bin tray icon and select Icon. To do this, double-click Action > Open.

How to add the recycle bin to the taskbar

The taskbar overflow menu is the little arrow you click to reveal hidden icons. If MiniBin and TrayBin are not enabled in the settings, their icons will appear in the extra menu instead of in the corner area of ​​the taskbar. You can enable the MiniBin and TrayBin icons to appear in the corner of the taskbar as follows.

  • Right-click on the taskbar and select Taskbar Settings.
  • Click the overflow in the corner of the taskbar to expand that category.
  • Then click the TrayBin or The free Recycle Bin toggle buttons for the system tray area if they are disabled.
  • Close the Settings window.
  • Thereafter, the Recycle Bin system tray icon will be visible in the corner area of ​​the taskbar, just to the left of the clock. Now you don’t need to click the little overflow arrow on the taskbar to select the trash can icon.

Final words: How to Add the Recycle Bin to System Tray in Windows 11

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