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How to Add User Profiles on Android

In this article, we will talk about How to Add User Profiles on Android. It can be challenging to keep your account distinct from theirs if you use an Android device with others. Android fortunately enables numerous user profiles, enabling people to share devices without worrying about invading one another’s space.

Your Android phone probably contains a lot of private information, from banking apps to private text messages. That only makes sense given that it’s the computer or connected gadget you carry around with you the most. Should you really grant immediate access to all of your information when your child wants to play the finest games on your phone or you need to let a family member or friend use it to make a call.

This is not to claim that the person using your phone would have malicious intent, but hiding those sensitive apps behind a wall ensures that they are protected. Below, we have mentioned the steps to set up multiple users on Android.

Set up Multiple User Profiles on Android

Create Multiple User Profiles on Android

Step 1: To activate the User icon, go to Settings > System > Multiple users and turn the feature on.

Step 2: From here or through the icon that will now appear on your Quick Settings panel tap the Add user icon.

Step 3: Set up the new profile with its own Google account, which you can create straight from the user creation process.

Step 4: Set up a screen lock PIN or fingerprint for the new user.

Step 5: Personalize the user’s profile with their own wallpaper, font size, and apps, all of which can be changed later.

Step 6: Finalize the process, and the new user can safely access the phone but not the owner’s software, files, and other personal features.

Use the Guest Mode on Android

Step 1: Tap the User icon to access control panel.

Step 2: Select the Add guest option.

Step 3: Your phone will automatically set up the rest of the guest profile change default Android apps, ready for your friend to access.

Step 4: A guest has the same control over their profile as a user, including the ability to add and delete Android apps, set up or use

Step 5: Google accounts, and customize the phone’s display.

Final words

We hope our article on Add Multiple User Profiles on Android. Do several members of your family require access to the same phone? Some Android devices allow for multiple users, allowing everyone to have their own user space. As a result, you can lend your phone to friends and coworkers without having to worry about someone accessing your data.

I hope you understand this article, How to Add User Profiles on Android.

James Hogan
James Hogan
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