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How to Alter Your Bumble Account Age

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Check How to Alter Your Bumble Account Age

If the age of your Bumble account is wrong, customers can be misled at first, which can affect their correct swipe rate. You must ensure that the information you obtain is accurate so that people can use it to determine your age. If you want to check your age on Bumble to make sure it’s correct, launch the app and tap on the profile symbol in the lower left corner. Your age will be displayed here. Your age edit will vary depending on how you created your Bumble account.

This could be because you used Facebook to join or you manually created your account. If you want to update your age on Bumble, you will have to try a few different approaches.

How to change your age in Bumble?

First, you need to think about what method you used when you signed up for Bumble. You connected your Bumble account to your Facebook to verify yourself or you used a phone number to sign up for Bumble. This is important to know, as you have to use different methods to change your age on Bumble depending on the method you used to sign up for the dating app.

Change your age on Bumble when you sign up for Facebook

When you used Facebook to sign up for Bumble, your age is displayed incorrectly because your age is also not correct on your Facebook account. This is why to change your age on Bumble, you must change it on your Facebook account. These are the steps you need to follow:

  • Go to Facebook.com and log into your account
  • Go to your profile page, click here on the About tab Facebook page About tab
  • On this About page, click Contact and Basic Information Facebook Page Contact and Basic Information
  • Scroll down until you see your date of birth information
  • Change it to the age you want to display on your Bumble profile
  • Click “Save Changes”

Please note that your age change request must be approved by Facebook first, which usually takes around a day. Once the age change is approved, it could take a couple of minutes, in some cases days for Bumble to sync your Facebook information. (You may have to log out and log back into the Bumble app to see the updated age.) If your age still hasn’t changed after taking the steps outlined above or if Facebook didn’t approve your age change request, try changing your age using the second method.

Change my age on Bumble without Facebook?

When you signed up with your phone number for Bumble, then your age on Facebook (if you have an account) doesn’t matter at all. Most likely, you made a mistake adding your date of birth when signing up for Bumble. Unfortunately, in this case, you cannot change your age in your profile yourself, but don’t worry, there is still another way to do it.

You should contact the Bumble support team directly by emailing them or by contacting them through this contact form. In the first step, select “Report a technical problem” and in the next section, where you can add context to your problem, explain your situation that your age is incorrect in Bumble and ask them to change it.

Final remarks: How to Alter Your Bumble Account Age

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