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Automatically Delete Junk Mail in Hotmail

Through this article we will teach you how to Automatically Delete Junk Mail in Hotmail. Hotmail or Windows Live Hotmail, as it is now called, is a web-based email service owned by the IT giant, Microsoft. It is part of and the company aggressively promotes it. The service offers free and paid web-based email accounts.

Hotmail was one of the world’s first email services. It was launched in 1996 and it wasn’t long (a year) until Microsoft bought the service and renamed it MSN Hotmail. The service was operational until. Since then, it has been superseded by Microsoft Outlook.

The good news is that all the old Hotmail accounts were migrated to Outlook. Since Outlook is a superior mail package, the migration might have made it easier to resolve some sorting and handling issues. In this article, we’ll explore how to automatically delete junk mail in Outlook and look for other helpful customization options. Below we have mention the steps to Delete Junk Mail in Hotmail.

How to Automatically Delete Junk Mail in Hotmail

Junk Mail Folder Settings

Hotmail, or Outlook these days, won’t automatically delete spam emails by default. There is an option that you must select to configure it.

  1. Go to the “Home” tab.
  2. Click on “Spam”.
  3. Select “Junk E-mail Options”.
  4. Check the option “Permanently delete suspicious spam instead of moving it to the Spam folder.”

There are a few additional settings you can play with to further customize your spam folder.

  1. Go home.”
  2. Click on the “Delete” group.
  3. Select “Spam”.
  4. Open “Junk E-mail Options”.
  5. Choose one of the available settings.

You can choose one of the following options: No automatic filtering, Low, High, Safe lists only.

This setting tells Outlook how you want to filter incoming email. For example, the first option practically disables the automatic filter. This means that all incoming mail will only be sorted by domain names and email addresses that you have on your “Blocked Senders” list.

The “Safe Lists Only” option is the exact opposite in a sense. In this way, all incoming email, except email that comes from your contacts on the “Safe Senders” list, is sent to your spam folder.

Please note that all of these filtering options will be overridden if you decide to permanently delete spam email. This means that you will not have time to review received emails and see if Outlook made a mistake.

Can you Retrieve Emails

Although it is quite complex, there are some things that you simply cannot do in your Hotmail address, as Outlook was not designed that way.

For example, you cannot restore any deleted emails from the Junk folder. However, what you can do is prevent spam emails from being permanently deleted.

  1. Open “Trash”.
  2. Click on “Junk E-mail”.
  3. Look for the option “Permanently delete suspicious spam …”.
  4. Uncheck it.
  5. Click OK. “

The “Deleted Items” and “Junk E-mail” folders are deleted after 30 days. However, only deleted emails from the “Deleted Items” folder can be recovered. You have a 30-day window in which you can restore those emails.

Children’s accounts do not benefit from this service. Any email deleted from the inbox of a child account remains permanently deleted.

How to Retrieve Emails

Permanently deleting emails, even spam, is not always a good idea. You never know what important email is redirected to your spam folder by Outlook. Not only that, but it is not uncommon to accidentally delete emails that you may need later on.

To recover deleted emails, you need a computer. You cannot do this with your smartphone.

  1. Go to the “Deleted Items” folder.
  2. Select “Recover deleted items from this folder”.
  3. Manually select the items you want to restore.
  4. Click “Restore”.

How to Empty the Deleted Items Folder on logout

Here’s another nice trick you can use to make sure Outlook empties the Deleted folder every time you log out.

  1. Go to the archive.
  2. Select options. “
  3. Click on “Advanced”.
  4. Click “Start and Exit Outlook”.
  5. Check the next box “Empty Deleted Items folder on exit”.

You can also choose to be prompted for a notification before exiting Outlook so that you can confirm your decision.

  1. Return to the “Advanced” menu.
  2. Click on “Other”.
  3. Check the “Request confirmation before permanently deleting items” box.

How to Clean your Inbox Without Deleting Emails

It goes without saying that a business account or even a personal account can be flooded with daily emails. Very few people take the time to move emails to dedicated folders or delete them after reading them.

This is a method to store old emails cleanly, without losing any data:

  1. Click on “File”.
  2. Click on “Options”.
  3. Go to “Advanced”.
  4. Search for “AutoArchive”.
  5. Select “AutoArchive Settings”.
  6. Select “Run AutoArchive every n days”.
  7. Enter the number of days after which you want the AutoArchive service to work.

Of course, you can also choose to have Outlook delete older emails instead of archiving them from the same “Advanced” menu.

Hotmail is No Longer Disaster

Since Outlook added all the Hotmail accounts, everything has worked much better. The web services package does a good job of allowing you to customize how you receive and handle emails from various sources.

Please let us know if you find Outlook useful or not. Do you prefer complex Outlook services or do you prefer to use a simpler service like Gmail that does everything for you from scratch?

Final Words

We hope our article on how to Delete Junk Mail in Hotmail will help you and resolve all your problems, Hotmail and Gmail are the most widely used email services and have many similarities with each other. However, people are not sure which service to choose. Therefore, they are continually compared to see which is superior. If you want to delete Hotmail junk files automatically then follow the steps mentioned above.

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