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Change Col­or of PNG Image and Text using Colorize in GIMP

In this article we will teach you how to Change Col­or of PNG picture and Text using Colorize in GIMP. GIMP is an open-source and free raster graphics editing software that works on editing the image, including retouching, editing images in the form of free drawing and transcoding, which means easy exchange between image file formats. It was originally established in February 1996 and its original authors were Spencer Kimball and Peter Mattis.

Today, image editing is really basic with several tools accessible on the Internet. You don’t need to be a Photoshop genius or photo editing app edit images. Different projects can get the job done effectively. PNG images are generally used to configure logos, highlight images, flags, etc. These are very excellent lossless images. Sometimes fashion designers use similar images to make different logo designs or various color schemes.

In this sense, this wizard will help you to remake the color of any PNG image. Regardless if you are not a creator, you can give it a try and have a good time. Also, we configured the download connection for GIMP. It is anything but an online tool. However, it is allowed to download for different stages such as Windows, Apple Laptop and Linux Distros. Below we have mention the steps to Change Col­or of PNG Image and Text using Colorize in GIMP.

How to Change Col­or of PNG Image and Text using Colorize in GIMP

Change Color Using Colorize in GIMP

In this method, we will use the Colorize function in GIMP to change the color of a transparent image or text. Let’s review the steps:

  • Launch GIMP and open your PNG image, preferably with a transparent background, using File> Open. If your image has a background, know how to change the background color to transparent in GIMP. Then continue.
  • Click on the Colors option present in the top bar. Choose Colorize from the menu.
  • The Colorize window opens. Click on the color to display the list of available colors.
  • Then choose the color and click OK to add the color to your image.
  • Click File> Export As to save your image. The export window appears. Make sure to save the image in PNG format by adding the .png extension to the image name, otherwise you will lose the transparency of your image. Click Export to save it.

Replace Color With Multiple Colors Using Bucket Fill Tool

In the above methods, the entire image or text has been replaced by a single color. What if you want to add different colors to different parts of your image? This method will help you do this. Let’s review the steps:

  • In GIMP, open your image whose color needs to be changed.
  • To select the visible part of your image, right-click the image layer in the Layers Dock. Select Alpha for selection.
  • Choose your favorite color as the foreground color from the Color selection box.
  • Click the Bucket Fill tool to activate it. Then click on the part of the image you want to add the color to.
  • Repeat steps 3 and 4 for the other parts of your image, choosing a different foreground color each time.
  • This is what the image used in Method 2 looks like with this method:
  • Finally, save the image from File> Export As. Be sure to save the image with a .png extension.

Tips for Replacing Color in GIMP

  • Here are two tips to get the best results when changing colors in GIMP.

Use the Selection Tools

  • Instead of selecting the entire image as shown in the above methods, you can select part of your image using different selection tools such as the blurry selection tool and the color selection tool.
  • The first will select a contagious region by color, and the color selection tool will select all regions with a similar color. Once the required part has been selected, change its color using one of the methods mentioned above.

Final Words

We hope our article on how to Change Col­or of PNG Image and Text using Colorize in GIMP will help you and resole all your problems, it is little difficult to but you can Change Col­or of PNG Image and Text using Colorize in GIMP by following the steps mentioned above.

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