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How To Change Color Of Skin using Photoshop

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Check How To Change Color Of Skin using Photoshop

With Adobe Photoshop on your PC, it’s really easy to change or change someone’s complexion in a digital photograph. The interaction uses some essential color-changing and choice tools, and is a pleasant method of turning a partner’s face sickly green or lessening the effects of overly solid, sometimes even orange, makeup.

This tutorial exercise will work admirably in most versions of Photoshop for macOS and Windows, including the Creative Suite (CS) and Creative Cloud (CC) cycles. This guide can also be accurately reflected with free photo editing projects like GIMP.

For this guide, I’ll be using this image of President Trump, for example, which as of now has been Photoshopped from this image (to be more honest).

Focusing only on skin color

  • Making changes to the skin color can have strange effects on the rest of the photo if you don’t isolate the skin first. Use the Lasso tool or one of the other selection tools on the toolbar to outline the mask you want to change.
  • To create multiple loops, hold down the Shift key after completing each loop. In most cases, you will want to use a sufficient pen, located in the Options bar, so that the color change is not abrupt.
  • A suitable amount of dithering can range from 2 to 4 pixels for a low resolution 50K file up to 60 or 80 pixels for a high resolution image.

Selective matching skin color

  • Another way to adjust skin tone in Photoshop is to select the area of ​​skin you want to change and then tap the “Selective Color” icon in the Adjustments panel or select “Selective Color” from the panel’s drop-down menu. This will add an adjustment layer to the document.
  • Choose “Reds” or “Neutrals” from the Color menu, and then drag the color sliders as necessary to make the changes you want. Dragging the “Magenta” slider to the left makes the skin less pink, for example, while dragging it to the right increases the pink color. Even with feathers, the slightest change in color can be spotted around the edge of the bow.
  • If this happens, lower the layer’s opacity in the Layers panel, starting around 80 percent.

Photoshop Body Paint

  • To paint a new complexion on an image, select “Duplicate Layer” from Photoshop’s Layer menu. Find another image with the complexion you want and open it in Photoshop.
  • Use the Eyedropper tool to select the color and then use the Brush tool to paint that color onto the skin that you want to change. When you’re done painting, change the Layer Style from “Normal” in the Layers Panel to “Soft Light” or “Overlay” to blend the skin tones.
  • Reduce the opacity as needed by dragging the “Opacity” slider to the left. This technique can work wonders for adding a tan to a pale complexion or brightening a dark complexion.

Image adjustment techniques

  • If you click “Adjustments” in Photoshop’s Image menu, you will find some more useful tools for modifying your skin tone. First create a duplicate layer of your photo and use a selection tool to select the mask.
  • Then use the Brightness / Contrast options to lighten or darken the skin. The Curves option can do the same for a more subtle effect.
  • Drag the sliders in the Levels option or the Hue / Saturation option to make subtle changes to skin color. As with any of these options, the degree of dragging of the sliders depends on the photo and the effect you want.
  • Remember to adjust the layer’s opacity to blend the changes into the original layer so your image doesn’t look too “retouched”.

Final remarks: How To Change Color Of Skin using Photoshop

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