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How to change the Table Border Color in Word

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Check How to change the Table Border Color in Word

Starting a Microsoft Word document is like starting from scratch or a new sheet of digital paper. While the many white spaces provide plenty of room for your text, the default black on white can feel a bit drab for some needs. Bring a Word document to life by adding a colorful border. With Word’s auto-formatted borders, you don’t have to create lines or adjust anything in the page margins because it’s all done for you. Just pick a design and get colorful.

Edges can enhance the appearance of a table and give it a polished, professional look. They also make it easy to visually separate information into different cells.

How to change the color of the table border in Word

Using the Borders and Shadows option

  • Open the Word document.
  • Prompt Borders and Shading dialog
    • Click anywhere in the table. A table selection icon will appear in the top corner.
    • Click this icon to select the entire table.
    • Selecting the table will display a horizontal context menu.
    • You will find the Borders and Shading button there.
    • Click this button to open the Borders and Shading dialog box.
  • Choose the color of your border.
    • You will see a dropdown menu of colors on the Borders tab.
    • Simply select the color of your choice.
    • By default, the border color will be applied to the entire table.
    • You can use the “Apply To” setting to apply the color to a cell or a paragraph.

Using the Border Styles button

  • Open the Word document.
  • Locate the Border Styles button.
    • Click anywhere on the table and go to Table Tools -> Layout – Border Styles.
  • Choose your border style.
    • Click the Border Styles button. It will display a selection of border styles.
    • Select the border style of your choice.
    • At this point, the cursor changes to an Edge Painter tool.
    • Clicking on specific borders will apply the color in the style you choose. You can also click and drag to apply across intersecting edges.

Final words: How to change the Table Border Color in Word

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