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How To Check On Tinder Likes History

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Check How To Check On Tinder Likes History

You have Tinder, and now you are thinking about who you prefer so you can see who you can have a chance with before you swipe to the right. With the standard Tinder app downloaded, you may have the option to see an extremely blurry picture of who has enjoyed it, which will wow you to get the golden Tinder subscription.

Without the gold subscription, you will know who has loved you as long as you preferred it too. If you already have a Gold subscription, and considering how to use this convenient feature, we have illustrated the extremely simple tasks;

Via web browser

This is the best and easiest way to find out who likes you on Tinder; While this way lets you know who they like you, you still won’t be able to match them unless they show up on your tinder platform, so this way works virtually for you, because you still won’t be doing it anyway. be able to match them. In this way, it informs you who likes you and, knowing this, you can buy the subscription and combine with them, so that at least you know what to expect before even buying the subscription.

Follow these steps:

  • Open Google Chrome browser or any other browser that supports Inspect Item. (You can also open Microsoft Edge, Mozilla Firefox or Opera browser)
  • Go to tinder.com and log into your tinder account by entering your username and password.
  • In the sidebar, you will see the list of matches. Go to that and click on the blurry face with a number.
  • Right click on the blurred profile you want to view.
  • After right-clicking, select the Inspect option from the menu item that appears.
  • Remove the blur code (12PX) from the console.
  • Now you can see the details of the profile, all without blurring.

You can follow the same step for all the other profiles you want.

Other dating apps

  • There are many other dating apps on the market; While they are not as effective and convenient as Tinder, they can certainly do the job for you.
  • There’s another app called Hinge from Tinder’s parent company, and the app offers pretty much the same functionality. Even so, with fewer restrictions, this application allows you to see who likes you without asking for money and allows a greater number of people that you can like daily without paying the subscription.
  • There are also other applications on the market. Bumble is a great app that is now gaining popularity due to its features, and unlike Tinder, it’s not always on the hunt for your money.
  • It offers similar membership plans, but the free version of the app has good options for people to match, and the app has a large user base now as well.

The secret admirer of Tinder

  • This feature is a lot like a Tinder publicity tactic, allowing you to see who likes you. This feature was mainly introduced so that you are more obliged to buy Tinder gold.
  • Tinder’s secret admirer feature appears in the form of secret cards, which allow you to reveal the identities of 4 women who liked you on Tinder without paying. Each card has an embedded question mark and underneath is the identity of a woman.
  • While this feature is good in some ways, it only appears once a week, and you must have at least 4 women who like your profile before you can see this popup.
  • You will not be able to mate with any of these women unless you have paid for the Tinder Gold subscription again.

Gold tinder

The last option for you is to opt for a Tinder Gold subscription. Tinder people have made it difficult for everyone not to buy their subscription. However, the Tinder Gold service offers a ton of additional features that can give you an edge over other people looking for partners. Some of these features are:

  • 5 super likes a day
  • 1 boost in a month
  • Verified profile
  • Passport
  • No ads
  • Better options
  • And the last and most important, unlimited number of likes.

Final remarks: How To Check On Tinder Likes History

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