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How to Collab Insta­gram Posts with other Users

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Check How to Collab Insta­gram Posts with other Users

Instagram makes post collaboration simpler than at any time in recent memory with the new Collaborate feature. This feature allows you to advantageously work together with different creators (or your peers) on stage to easily share feed and reel messages with your two followers. In this article, we’ll show you how to use Instagram’s collaboration feature to collaborate with another creator and offer collaborative posts and videos shared on Instagram.

Use Instagram Collab to co-author posts and reels

What is the Instagram collaboration feature?

Instagram Collab is a new thoughtful collaboration feature on the platform. With Instagram Collab, you can add a contributor to your news and reel posts. Yes, you can add only one contributor to your content, and no more than that. In this way, you can share a post with your followers and the followers of collaborators without having to post twice. While it was developed with creators and businesses in mind (as is the case with new Instagram features these days), you can use it to collaborate with friends and post photos / videos from your recent hike or theme park trip. .

How to invite someone to collaborate on Instagram

  • Create a new Instagram post or reel as you normally would and tap “Tag People” right before posting. Then, tap on the new button titled “Invite Contributor” below the photo or video.
  • Shortly after pressing “Invite Contributor”, you will see a search box to search for usernames and invite them. Type the username of the person you would like to collaborate with and tap their Instagram account in the search results.
  • After choosing the contributor, you will see a contributor tag next to the username of the tagged person. Now you can write the title and share the post. See the next section to learn how to accept a collaboration request on Instagram.

How to accept collaboration invitations from Instagram users

  • Shortly after the person publishes a collaborated post, the second user will receive a notification prompting them to accept the invitation. Ask the contributor to review their Instagram DM and tap “View Invitation.”
  • Instagram will now take you to the post the other creator just shared. Press the “Review” button in the lower right corner to accept or decline a collaboration request. If you accept a request to collaborate on Instagram, the post will appear on your profile and will be shared with your followers.
  • As you can see below, your username will also appear next to the original author of the post when you accept the collaboration request. This feature could be the next evolutionary step in product reveals, photo shoots and brand partnerships.

How to stop sharing collaborated posts on Instagram

  • If you change your mind, you can choose to stop being a contributor and stop sharing the collaborated post with your followers. To do that, open the post, tap on the three vertical dots icon in the upper right corner and choose ‘Stop sharing’.
  • In the confirmation pop-up window, tap “Stop sharing” to remove yourself as a contributor to this Instagram post.

Final remarks: How to Collab Insta­gram Posts with other Users

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