How to Convert HEIC format to PNG format

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The How to Convert HEIC format to PNG format

Apple seems determined to make sure you do things their way. First there was iTunes, then they took out our audio jacks. Now, since the release of iOS 11 and macOS High Sierra, they have their own image format: HEIC. If you’re one of the nearly 50% of smartphone users in the US who own an iPhone, there’s a good chance you already use it.

As with anything Apple-related, their bespoke aspect ratio is both advanced and not exactly compatible with the rest of the market. Most companies do not yet support it, and most employers and programs still require older image formats. So, you are probably wondering what is the best and easiest way to make these whimsical images reusable.

What is the difference?

PNG (.png)

PNG stands for Portable Network Graphics and was standardized in 2004. It was developed as a replacement for the old GIF format, to be used for transferring images over the Internet. It doesn’t support moving images or colors outside of the RGB palette, so it’s not great for printing purposes. Image sizes are usually much larger than HEIC, but like that. is still the most used file format for sharing images online, it has won I’m not going anywhere yet.

HEIC (.heic or .heif)

HEIC stands for High Efficiency Image Coding, and it is Apple’s version of HEIF (High Efficiency Image File Format), first standardized. Its main fame over previous formats is that it takes up much less memory than other file types without losing quality, while also supporting moving images. It is more versatile, supports a wider color gamut with greater depth, and can embed thumbnails in the file.

For Windows users, built-in HEIC support is now provided by most modern graphics cards, so if you’re a gamer, you should already be equipped to view them on your computer. Otherwise, the easiest thing to do is download the required extension from the Microsoft Store, as long as you’ve kept your Windows 10 installation up to date.

For Mac users, if you’re using a device with iOS 11, High Sierra, and later, you should already be good to go.

How to convert your images

Make your phone do it

Assuming you have an iPhone, by far the easiest way to convert HEIC is to have the phone do it for you.

Just go to your Settings app, tap Photos, then head to the last option, titled “ Transfer to Mac or PC. ” Select “ Automatic ”, and from now on your phone will convert them for you every time you send pictures.

If you want to have a copy of the original image file on your computer as well as the converted one, you have a few options.

Convert online

A free, easy-to-use online service that can handle 20 images at a time, up to a file size of 50MB. It doesn’t require email registration, manages settings for you and, most importantly, it doesn’t keep a copy of everything you download, unlike some of the other offers. They promise that all your data will be deleted after an hour.


A more versatile offering, Aconvert’s free online image converter can change just about any type of image to a different format. You can change the size of the converted image, handle files up to 200MB, and support batch conversion.

After the conversion, you will receive a link to the online image, along with options to save it to various cloud storage providers, or to download all submitted images as a compressed ZIP archive.

Aconvert deletes your data 2 hours after downloading and provides you with a delete button as well as the links if you don’t want your data to be stored even for such a long time.

To convert

Convert offline

IMazing HEIC Converter

Free, small to download, and easy to use. This handy little program can handle entire folders at once and can be converted to PNG or JPG. It can change the quality of the converted image and allows you to keep or delete attached EXIF ​​data (such as the time and date it was taken, camera setup and settings , and other details). Available for PC and Mac.

IMazing HEIC Converter

Fonepaw HEIC Converter

Another simple and free program. It has similar capabilities to the iMazing converter, with the added option of choosing a default location to save your converted images and a variety of language choices. Also available for PC and Mac.

Fonepaw HEIC Converter

What is HEIC? It’s mine!

Here it is: the easiest ways to convert HEIC to PNG. With one of these simple tools, you will be able to share your images online without any more compatibility issues.

A word of warning though, before you go: if you are using any service other than those listed here, be sure to review the terms of service, as they may steal your images.

small print

For example,, which is one of the top results on Google when looking for an image converter, takes the rights to whatever you download. By using their website, you give them permission to use your images. As painful as it may sound, read the fine print if you don’t want to accidentally post your content out in the wild for free.

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