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How to Delete Junk Mail in Hotmail Automatically

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Check How to Delete Junk Mail in Hotmail Automatically

Mailboxes created in the Account Control Center (ACC) have a spam folder that stores emails that have been classified as spam or junk by spam filtering. The spam folder automatically deletes emails that have been there for more than 60 days so your mailbox doesn’t use large amounts of data. This is to help keep your folders manageable and save space on your account. Please note that this 60-day deletion only applies to emails in your spam folders. Your emails will normally be saved in all other folders. If you prefer to keep your spam for more than 60 days, you will need to choose a different folder to store your spam.

Although the Deleted Items and Junk E-mail folders are periodically flushed from the servers, each item is kept in these folders for at least 10 days before it is automatically deleted. However, similar to the deleted item recovery feature for Exchange accounts, you can also recover items that were in your Deleted Items and Junk Email folders (and any other folders) in your Outlook accounts. .com or Hotmail.

Change Hotmail Spam Settings

To access Hotmail spam settings, log in with your Hotmail credentials on the desktop version of the website. Microsoft advises that you can access all email settings by clicking the “gear icon” at the top of the page and then selecting “View all Outlook settings.” Select the “Spam” tab to access those options. You will not see an option to enable or disable the spam filter. Instead, Microsoft explains that you can modify whether specific senders should be added to a block list or safe list, and you will see these lists in the first two sections of the spam filter settings.

To add a sender to one of these lists, click the “Add” button below the list header, type the email or domain, and then press the “Enter” key. The list updates and you will see icons to edit an entry or remove that sender from the list. Also, the bottom part of the Junk Email settings shows two options that you can use to make your Hotmail inbox more secure. First, you can select that only emails from people you have added to your safe list arrive in your inbox as trusted. Second, you can configure deactivation of links, attachments, and images in messages that come from people outside of your safe list.

Adjust Hotmail inbox settings

You can fix the Hotmail spam filter not working properly for a specific sender directly from the message board. You also have a few options to choose how to handle such messages.

When you open an email in your regular inbox, Microsoft says that you will find a “Spam” menu on the toolbar where you have three options. Use the option “Block” to add the sender to your block list, “Spam” to move the message to your spam folder or “Phishing” to report the message for trying to impersonate a legitimate company or person .

Go to your spam folder to troubleshoot Hotmail blocking non-spam emails. If a secure message is caught in the filter, select the message, click the “Not Junk” button on the toolbar to send it to your inbox, and then go to your Outlook Junk E-mail settings. com to add the sender to your safe list. If the message is really spam and you want to block that sender, use the “Block” button on the toolbar.

Hotmail email filter troubleshooting

While following these steps and adjusting the settings should fix most spam problems, Microsoft recommends some troubleshooting tips if blocked senders are still communicating. First, check the sender’s email address in the message to make sure it hasn’t changed. If so, add the new address to the blacklist. Second, consider using the option in your settings to create inbox rules if you find that spam messages with certain keywords keep coming in.

Please note that third-party email applications that you use to access your Hotmail account may have additional spam settings that affect the behavior of your email beyond what you configure directly in If you are having trouble, check your email program settings for an option related to security, privacy, spam, or spam.

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