How To Disable Coronavirus Caller Tune

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Check How To Disable Coronavirus Caller Tune

The coronavirus pandemic was the deadliest viral epidemic humanity has experienced in decades. Even though vaccines are available all over the world, the entire world is still struggling to get back on its feet. However, one thing the government is doing is encouraging people to follow health protection recommendations. Telecom providers across India have started playing the “Coronavirus” dial tone to remind customers of measures to take in public areas.

You have no doubt heard the dial tone, which begins with a coughing sound and then goes on to talk about the precautions to take to prevent the spread of coronavirus. Some of the operators also play the coronavirus call song with the voice of Amitab Bacchan. This song has been playing on users’ smartphones for several months and many have tried to turn it off to no avail. The coronavirus caller’s song usually plays first before the contact answers the call, which is one reason it’s become annoying.

In emergencies, the extra time it takes for calls to reach the recipient is also an issue. We’re sure you’ve already looked for ways to get rid of the unpleasant coronavirus caller tune. But how can you do that in the long run? This article explains how you can apply the steps on Airtel, Vodafone, Jio and other networks. For both Airtel and Vodafone customers, the COVID call sign removal request must be sent to a specific number. If you do not know the number or the procedure, follow these steps:

How to disable the coronavirus ringtone

How to permanently disable coronavirus call tuning on Airtel and Vodafone numbers

  • For Airtel users, you need to dial *646*224# from the phone’s dialer. Once you have dialed this number, you will need to press “1” on the keypad to submit a cancellation request.
  • If you are a Vodafone user, you must send the cancellation request in a text message. You must send the message “CANCEL” to 144. You will receive confirmation of cancellation of the coronavirus ringtone.

How to stop coronavirus call paging on Jio and BSNL numbers?

  • If you are using a Jio number, all you need to do is write the message “STOP” and send it to 155223. The coronavirus ringtone will be deactivated once the request is processed.
  • For BSNL subscribers, the special number is 56700 or 5699. To cancel the COVID 19 call tune, you must text “UNSUB” to any of the above numbers.

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