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How To Disable iPhone’s Auto Brightness

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Check How To Disable iPhone’s Auto Brightness

Both the iPhone and iPad have an Automatic Brightness option in the iOS settings that uses the device’s ambient light sensor to detect light conditions in the room and automatically adjust the screen brightness. Some users find this annoying, while others do not appreciate their device adjusting the brightness for them. If you feel the same, keep reading! In this article, we will show you how to disable automatic brightness settings on iPhones and iPads.

In bright rooms or outdoors, iOS brightens the screen. In dark or night environments, the brightness is reduced. This is convenient because it generally adjusts the brightness of the iPhone or iPad screen to the lighting conditions without having to go to Settings or the Control Center.

It also helps conserve battery power, because your device’s screen often draws the most power, and the automatic brightness setting prevents the screen from being brighter than necessary. But sometimes the iPhone brightness determined by iOS is not what you want. For example, it may be quite dark in a room, but you still want to set the maximum brightness for a particular application or movie. Or you may want to lower the screen brightness to save battery life in an otherwise bright room.

How to disable automatic brightness in iOS

  • Open Settings and select Accessibility.
  • Go to Screen and text size.
  • Scroll down and toggle the auto-brightness switch to the off (gray) position.
  • Check Reduce White Point if you want to adjust the intensity of the colors. This feature is similar to the general brightness setting, but affects brighter colors more than darker colors. A percentage bar appears when Reduce White Point is activated to specify the intensity of the effect.

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