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How to Disable Windows services

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Check How to Disable Windows services

Windows services are small tasks and programs that a PC runs, usually in the background, to ensure that all tools, applications, and other software run smoothly. Those services cover everything from the basics, like moving print jobs to printers, to the more complex, like monitoring the various sensors on your screen.

Many of these services are essential to you on a daily basis. However, there are also things that are not important. These services that are not as important to the user can be turned off so that important resources can be allocated to more important tasks. That’s where disabling Windows services comes in handy.

How to disable Windows services

  • Open the run box by pressing Window + R key. Now enter services.msc and click OK to open the service window.
  • In this window, you can see all Windows 10 services. There are two types of services available: Extended and Standard. Optionally, you can examine the description, status, startup type, and login as of a service in the window by selecting it.
  • If you’re looking to optimize the performance of Windows 10, you’ll want to focus on services whose Startup Type is Automatic because only those that are currently running can impact the performance of the operating system. Clicking the Startup Type heading displays a list of all services sorted alphabetically by Startup Type.
  • Double-click to open the properties window for the service you want to disable. Once you have done that, press the Stop key.
  • Now that the service has stopped, you can change the Startup Type to Disabled or Manual (Manual is recommended). Once you have made your selections, click Apply and then OK. Consequently, this service has been disabled and will not start when Windows starts.

Services to safely disable in Windows 10

You should take your time and carefully review the description of the Windows service before making a decision on whether or not to turn it off. If you want to know what services can be disabled in Windows 10

Final words: How to Disable Windows services

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