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How to Enable Jio 5G for Phone

Jio 5G is a fifth-generation standalone (SA)-based cellular connection that promises impressive speeds and low latency. The network is said to be superior to a non-standalone network (NSA) that relies on existing 4G infrastructure to provide 5G services. The SA 5G is being developed from scratch and does not rely on the existing mobile infrastructure. This would give Jio 5G an advantage over its competitors in terms of speed, coverage and stability. This guide is about how to Enable Jio 5G for Phone.

Jio wasted no time announcing its True 5G services launching this Dussehra in India. Currently, Jio’s 5G service is available by invitation only as part of the welcome offer in select cities and will reach more users in major cities after Diwali. In order to use Jio 5G, you will have to enable 5G on your compatible smartphones. This can be done from the phone’s settings. Below we have mention the steps to use Jio 5G on smartphone.

How to Enable Jio 5G on Android and iPhone

How to Activate Jio 5G on an Android

  • Open your smartphone’s Settings and go to the Mobile Network tab. The tab may be named something similar, based on your smartphone manufacturer.
  • In the Mobile Network tab, find your Jio SIM settings. Tap on it and check the “Preferred Networks” option.
  • Select 5G, and you’re done.
  • Your Jio SIM should be activating 5G once the process is completed. You’ll be able to see 5G on your smartphone’s status bar once it’s active

How to activate Jio 5G on iPhone

  • Go to your iPhone’s Settings app.
  • Find the Cellular option in Settings.
  • Navigate to the Cellular Data options within the Cellular tab.
  • Once you’re in the Cellular tab, find the Voice and Data option. You should see 5G Auto and 5G On options. You can select whichever one you see.
  • Congratulations! 5G has now been activated on your iPhone, and you should see a 5G symbol on the iPhone status bar once it’s operating

Final Words

So here we conclude our article on How to activate Jio 5G on smartphone. Unfortunately, Reliance has not released an official account of the smartphones that have Jio 5G availability. If you want to know how to use Jio 5G on Android and iPhone then follow the steps mentioned above.

I hope you understand this article, How to Enable Jio 5G for Phone.

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