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How to Find Nearby ATMs Using Google Maps

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Check How to Find Nearby ATMs Using Google Maps

A maps and navigation app for mobile and desktop devices from Google. Maps provides detailed directions to a destination along with 2D and 3D satellite views and public transportation information. Maps also provides “street views,” which are photos of actual streets and their surroundings. Millions of websites use Google Maps to get directions to stores and offices.

Google Maps uses the device’s GPS capability, if available, as well as Google’s own Wi-Fi and cellular location services. It also uses real-time data from Waze, which Google acquired in 2013. As of mid-2018, there were five times more Google Maps users than Apple Maps and MapQuest combined. See portable GPS, Google Earth and Google.

How to find nearby ATMs using Google Maps

  • To find the nearest ATM, open Google Maps and swipe left on the top reviews until you see the More option.
  • When you tap on the More option, you will be taken to the More Categories section. Scroll down until you reach the Services section. The ATM option will be the second down from the left column.
  • As soon as you tap on the ATM option, Google Maps will start finding the closest one to you. At the bottom you will see the address of the ATM and if it is closed or not. This is good to know as many ATMs are usually inside the bank and are closed after business hours.
  • Since there’s no point in knowing where the nearest ATM is if it’s closed, tap the Open Now option at the top, and Google Maps only shows you the ones that are currently open. If you see one you want to look at, zoom in and tap the red balloon for more information. If you want to use more filters to find the right gas station, tap More filter.
  • You’ll see options to get directions, Call, or Share info with an app you already have installed. If you don’t feel like seeing gas stations in Map View, you can also opt for the List View option. To get directions in this view, tap the right arrow or tap directly on the name of the gas station and choose the Directions option.

Final words: How to Find Nearby ATMs Using Google Maps

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