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How To Find The Queen Boss in Valheim Mistlands

Viking survival game Valheim has released its new Mistlands update on the public test branch, and it’s not just a new biome to explore, it’s also bringing players new weapons, enemies, NPCs, and even a whole new magic system. Obviously a lot can change before the official release Preparing for the Queen boss fight in Valheim is pretty easy, and that’s not good news for you – simply put, no special strategy is required as The Queen has no weaknesses to speak of. This article is about how to Find The Queen Boss in Valheim Mistlands.

The Queen will be a standard fight whether you use melee, ranged, or both. Therefore, you should aim to have the best gear possible. That means a full set of Carapace Armor, a Spine Snap Bow, and your choice of melee weapon. You’ll also want health potions, good food, and all the best buffs that you can stack.

Valheim Mistlands: How To Find The Queen Boss

How to Find the Queen in ‘Valheim’

As with the other boss monsters, the Queen’s location is completely random. It can be located in any of the Mistland biomes on the map. To determine its location, players must delve into the many infested mines in the new biome. These locations are full of seekers and ticks – it’s easy to get overwhelmed in the narrow corridors of these mines, so players should try to set up camp right outside in case they die.

The mines tend to jut out from the Mistlands in these tall structures surrounded by crags. Also, mine entrances can be found under abandoned Dvergr bunkers. Look for buildings with seekers instead of dwarves and go down the spiral staircase to find an entrance to the Infested Mine. Players have a chance to find a Vegvisir Runestone marking the Queen’s Infested Citadel on the world map.

How to Unlock the Queen’s Door

The boss can only be fought if players have the Sealbreaker, a key that opens a unique boss arena where players can fight the Queen.

The Seal Breaker must be crafted in a Black Forge by collecting nine Seal Breaker Fragments from Blighted Mines. They appear as blue objects on pedestals. Give them a smack and pick them up off the ground as they fall.

Blighted Citadels are very difficult to spot without Vegvisir as visibility in the Mistlands is extremely low. These areas are often found in mist and surrounded by the same crags found around standalone Infested Mines.

Final Words

That’s it with our article on How To Find The Queen Boss in Valheim. Like the other biomes, the Mistlands is home to a powerful boss monster that players must fight as part of their deal with Allfather.

I hope you understand this article, How To Find The Queen Boss in Valheim Mistlands.

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