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How to Fix a ‘Damaged Microsoft Store Cache’ Issue

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Check How to Fix a ‘Damaged Microsoft Store Cache’ Issue

Everyone knows the Windows Store. This is the Microsoft store where you can download many paid and free applications. However, when using the Windows Store, you may sometimes experience problems accessing the Store applications. One of the common problems is a corrupted Windows Store cache. If you’re having trouble with Windows Store apps, the Windows Store apps troubleshooter can usually fix the problem.

The troubleshooter will scan your system to identify any issues that may be preventing the Store or apps from working on your Windows 10 system. Once detected, the troubleshooter attempts to fix the problem automatically without requiring any further action from the user. . However, sometimes the troubleshooter displays this message: The Windows Store cache may be corrupted. What can you do when this happens?

Ways to repair a corrupted Microsoft Store cache

Run the Windows Home Retail Troubleshooter

Windows Home contains built-in troubleshooters for various applications and options that allow you to establish the problem and generally resolve it. Later, you can run the Windows Retail Troubleshooter as a primary step in troubleshooting any Microsoft Retail-related issues. Here is how it can be run:

  • Open the Windows Home Settings app.
  • Go to the Replace and Security settings.
  • Click Troubleshoot on the left sidebar.
  • Click More troubleshooters on the appropriate panel.
  • Scroll to the bottom and click Windows Retail Apps.
  • Click Run the troubleshooter.

Look for the troubleshooter to detect and repair problems at your retailer. As soon as the method is done, give your Microsoft retailer a fresh start. If it is simply accessible, you can start downloading and updating video games. If not, restart Microsoft Retail.

Reset Microsoft Retail

Microsoft offers its customers the WSReset tool to reset the Microsoft retailer while keeping their applications and settings intact. Other than that, it is not possible to reset Microsoft Retail without altering account settings and keeping all installed apps. Windows 10 Home clients will discover the WSReset instrument within the C: / Home windows / System32 folder, however you can also enter it immediately by searching for WSReset within Windows Home search. Tapping the WSReset command within the search results will open a command window.

At first glance, it may appear that the command window does nothing without executing any code and instructions, but resets the Microsoft dispatcher within the backend. Worry and have the window close automatically and wait for the Microsoft reseller to start on its own.

Opening Microsoft means that the reboot process is complete. Please confirm that it works properly after reboot. Otherwise, make sure nothing is left inside the Caché folder (named as native state) of Microsoft Retailer. Copy and paste the following path in Windows File Explorer to enter the folder.

If this folder is already empty, do nothing. If there is something inside, delete all the data from the logs right here. Restart your PC and try to access the Microsoft retailer again. Resetting the retailer might not work in some circumstances. If that’s the case right here, continue to implement the following fixes.

Override date and language settings

Have you ever had problems with the app stores on your cell phone when the date and language settings were wrong? Most likely you have. The same goes for Microsoft Retailer on Windows Home.

Windows Home is sensible enough to robotically modify the time and date according to your location. Count on points with Windows home providers like Microsoft Retailer if any of them are not configured correctly. Modifying this configuration is as simple as this:

  • Open the Windows Home Settings app.
  • Navigate to the time and language settings.
  • Click Area inside the left sidebar.
  • Make sure the correct area or nation is chosen.
  • By altering the area, you will gain a robotic ally at the right time for your area. However, if the date or time is still incorrect, you must also modify it.

Click Date and Time in the left sidebar. Uncheck the switches for Set Robotic Time Ally and Set Robotic Time Zone Ally. Then, click the Change button located in the section Set the date and time manually. Enter the correct date and time and click Change. After that, you can turn on each of the above switches one more time.

Replace Microsoft Retail App

If the error persists, you can replace Microsoft Retail applications if Microsoft Retail is still unresponsive. However, you can only perform this repair if you can access the Microsoft store. There is a risk that some of your apps are out of date and never robotically updated, leading to points with the store cache.

Retailer apps may already be up to date, especially if you keep Windows Home Auto Update always enabled. If not, this is how you can check for updates:

  • Open Microsoft Retail.
  • Within the appropriate high corner, click on the three horizontal dots.
  • Go to Downloads and Updates.
  • Then click Get updates.

Disable your antivirus

Still can’t get or replace apps from Microsoft resellers? In this case, try to uninstall any antivirus packages that are running in the background. If possible, uninstall it briefly. As soon as the antivirus is disabled, check that your Microsoft reseller is working normally. Otherwise, sign in with a special Microsoft account to make sure your retailer doesn’t stop doing its normal work.

If switching your account fixes the problem, then something is wrong with your other account, the one with retail points. Then return both to a previous recovery level or reset your working system settings.

Final remarks: How to Fix a ‘Damaged Microsoft Store Cache’ Issue

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