How to Fix ‘Android Wi-Fi Not Turning On’ Issue

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Check How to Fix ‘Android Wi-Fi Not Turning On’ Issue

For many Android users, WiFi not working on Android can be demanding at times. Worse yet, it happens at the worst possible time when you want to submit an important document, check for crucial job updates, or even when you want to log into a certain site. Well, while it might be a glitch, most WiFi connectivity issues are very common. For the most part, these problems are easy to fix, so don’t panic if you find yourself in such a situation.

We have described a couple of ways to solve the WiFi connection problem on Android. Samsung Galaxy devices are very well designed and loaded with impressive quality. From the latest expansive Samsung of the year 2020: Galaxy S20, S20 + and S20 Ultra, to the sleek and ultra-premium fordable phone Galaxy Z Flip, Samsung has always attracted its users.

However, we cannot escape the fact that the Wi-Fi connection problem is one of the simplest issues faced by Samsung Galaxy users. There may be cases where your Wi-Fi won’t turn on, turns itself off, or your Galaxy smartphones can’t detect a Wi-Fi network. You just can’t ignore these issues, especially when you’re watching your favorite series on Netflix or playing some super exciting racing games on your Android device. If you are experiencing Wi-Fi issues that won’t turn on on your Galaxy devices, this article is just for you.

Toggle your Wi-Fi

This super quick and easy hack can effectively fix Wi-Fi problems on your Samsung Galaxy devices. If you can’t detect or connect to a Wi-Fi network, or if your Wi-Fi connection keeps dropping, just turn on the Wi-Fi button. Lower the Notifications ringtone and look for the Wi-Fi icon, tap to turn it off, wait a few seconds, and then turn it on again. You can also head to Settings> Connections> Wi-Fi.

Check if you can now find and connect to your Wi-Fi network. This quick hack works like a charm, so give it a try.

Toggle airplane mode

Here comes another super easy hack that works effectively to fix various connectivity issues on your devices. Many of us use this trick when our smartphone does not detect any network or shows No service. Yes, this can also solve the Wi-Fi connectivity problem on your Samsung Galaxy smartphones. Go down the notification area, find Airplane mode and turn it on. Now, wait about 5 seconds and turn it off. This mode disables any network connection, including Bluetooth and mobile data. This trick has worked for me many times, be sure to give it a try and check if your Wi-Fi issue has been fixed.

Try connecting your phone to a different network or connect another device to the same Wi-Fi network

First of all, make sure you connect to the correct network and enter the correct password. It is very possible that multiple networks listed have similar names, so be sure to connect to the correct network.

Next, if you are sure that you are connecting to the correct network and still facing the same issues. Follow these steps:

  • Try connecting your device to some other available Wi-Fi network. If you have done this successfully, it means there was something wrong with the previous Wi-Fi network you were trying to connect to. In this case, follow steps 6 and 7 to troubleshoot the router.
  • If you can’t do that, try connecting another device to the same Wi-Fi network. If you can do it, it means that something is wrong with your Android device. Now, follow the other steps mentioned below to fix Wi-Fi issues on your Samsung Galaxy devices.

Forget the network

This method should fix your Wi-Fi problems, especially when you can’t connect to a specific network. The Wi-Fi network information may have been corrupted on your Galaxy device or the connection parameters may have been changed on the wireless access point. In such cases, deleting the network information will give your device’s Wi-Fi network a fresh start and will reestablish the connection between your Android device and the Wi-Fi network. Also, it will delete information saved on your device that could be interfering with authentication. Make sure you remember the password, as you would have to enter it again to re-establish the connection.

  • Head to Settings
  • Touch Connection
  • Select Wi-Fi. You get a list of all the Wi-Fi networks that you have added on your device.
  • Touch and hold the network you are having trouble with, until you see the Forget network option.

Try to connect using the WPS button

There may be cases where you do not remember the Wi-Fi password and still want to connect to that network. In such cases, the WPS button or the QR code settings come to the rescue.

If your router supports the WPS (Wi-Fi Protected Setup) push button, you should try to connect your Galaxy device using this button. When you use the WPS button on the router, you don’t need to enter the Wi-Fi password on your device.

On your Galaxy device, head to Settings> Connections> Wi-Fi> Advanced> WPS Button.

On the router, make sure you have pressed the WPS button.

It is worth mentioning that the WPS button setting is not available on Samsung Galaxy devices running on Android 9.0 or later. For these devices, you can try using the QR code in Quick Settings to connect to a Wi-Fi network without having to enter the password.

  • Swipe down to access the Quick Settings menu
  • Touch the QR scanner to turn it on
  • Touch Accept
  • Point the camera at the QR code and then tap the pop-up message to connect
  • Touch Connect

Reboot your phone

This trick sounds very obvious and would come to every user’s mind, whenever something goes wrong with their devices. It’s quite common for Android devices, including your Samsung Galaxy smartphones and tablets, to get buggy if they don’t restart from time to time. And thankfully, this simple trick can help you fix these issues like battery drain and Wi-Fi connectivity issues.

Turn off your device, wait 15 to 60 seconds, and turn it on again. Or, you can also press the Power Button on your device and tap Restart. Now, try connecting to Wi-Fi again to check if turning the device off and on fixed it. If you’re still having trouble, read on and try other methods to fix this problem.

Restart your router

If you can’t connect any devices to your Wi-Fi network, it shows that something is wrong with the router. There are some simple solutions you can do on your own before calling your Internet Service Provider (ISP).

First, you need to restart the router and all other network equipment connected to it. Unplug the router and other equipment from the power source for at least 15 seconds. This will remove all errors from the network and restart the router. In many cases, this proves to be an effective method of troubleshooting Wi-Fi on all devices.

Check the settings and connections to your router

After turning your router off and on and you still can’t connect your Samsung Galaxy smartphone or tablet to that network, check your router’s Settings. If you’ve ever fiddled with your router settings, you may have ended up blocking some devices. Make sure that your devices have permission to access the Wi-Fi network and that their MAC address is not blocked; otherwise, you will not be able to connect your device to this Wi-Fi network.

Now, you need to verify the connections to the router.

  • Make sure you have firmly connected the power cord to the back of the router and to the power supply. Check if the power light has come on (connection indicators on your router)
  • Check if the Ethernet cable is properly connected to the router and the Internet or uplink port.

If power cycling, setting up, and checking connections don’t help, you should seek help from your ISP.

Final remarks: How to Fix ‘Android Wi-Fi Not Turning On’ Issue

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