How to Fix Auto Rotate Not Working on Android

If you enable auto-rotate, your Android phone’s screen should rotate when you turn it 90 degrees or more. However, you may notice that this does not always occur. It’s possible that your phone isn’t recognizing the movement because of a third-party app, a system glitch, or a faulty sensor. Fortunately, there are several potential solutions to this problem on your phone.

In this article we will teach you How to Fix Auto Rotate Not Working on Android. Rebooting your Android phone is an easy way to resolve most problems. When you do this, your phone deletes a number of temporary files, some of which may be causing your phone’s screen to not rotate automatically. It is simple to restart an Android phone. Below we have mention the steps to Fix Auto Rotate Not Working on Android.

How to Fix Auto Rotate Not Working on Android

How to Fix Auto Rotate Not Working on Android

Restart your phone

Most software-related issues on your Android can be resolved by simply restarting your phone. While most of us take this for granted and continue to use our phones for weeks without restarting them, restarting your phone will refresh the system, close running apps and processes, and fix some bugs. So, before you try another solution in this article, reboot your phone right now.

  • To access the power menu, long-press the Power button on your phone. To restart android phone, tap or swipe to Restart.
  • Holding the Power button for more than 8 seconds will also force restart some Android phones.

Check Auto-rotation settings

Google introduced Rotation Suggestions with Android 9 Pie: a better way to rotate your Android device. The feature by default disables screen auto-rotation, allowing you to choose whether or not to rotate the screen when the phone is tilted sideways.

It works like this: rotating your phone sideways will reveal a circular button in the bottom left corner of the screen. Tapping on it will cause your screen to rotate. What’s the point of this handy feature? Setting your screen to rotate automatically appears to rotate the screen more frequently than necessary, causing unnecessary problems.

If your Android screen rotation stops working, or if you simply dislike the feature, you can re-enable screen auto-rotate on your phone. In the quick-setting panel, locate and activate the “Auto-rotate” tile. You can also enable it by going to Settings > Display > Auto-rotate screen. If nothing is wrong with the sensors, your phone’s screen should now rotate automatically.

Calibrate phone’s sensors

Even if you enable “Screen auto-rotate” in the device settings, your phone screen will not rotate if the sensors are damaged. Checking and calibrating your phone sensors, particularly the Gyroscope and Accelerometer sensors, with the GPS Status & Toolbox app is one way to diagnose and fix Android screen rotation not working.

  • Install and launch the GPS Status & Toolbox app from the Google Play Store.
  • Click the menu button in the top-left corner of the app’s interface.
  • Choose Diagnose sensors.
  • Tilt your phone and check the Gyroscope and Accelerometer sensors to see if they’re working.

If they’re not working, it means the sensors are broken. To troubleshoot further, go to a service center or try the other solutions listed below.

Check rotate settings in the app

Even if you have screen auto-rotate enabled on your phone, some apps may refuse to rotate automatically until you tell them to. These apps include video players, launchers, and other similar tools. They disable screen auto-rotation by default in order to reduce distractions and unwanted screen rotations. Meanwhile, most apps provide the option to rotate your screen if necessary. For example, most video player apps for Android have a dedicated rotation button on the interface that you can tap to rotate your screen. Other apps will require you to go into the settings to enable screen auto-rotate. It is worth noting, however, that some apps do not support screen rotation at all. You can only use this type of app in portrait mode whenever you need it.

Update the system software

Many features on your phone can be disrupted by software glitches or bugs. If Android auto rotate is not working properly, it could be due to a software glitch. If you have already restarted your phone with no success, we strongly advise you to try updating your phone system. Hopefully, your manufacturer has addressed the issue in a subsequent update. Check for pending updates by launching the Software Updater on your phone. Connect to a Wi-Fi network to download and install it if you have any. Typically, the Software Updater app can be found in Settings > System > System Update.

Enter safe mode to check the apps

If you installed an app recently before your screen stopped rotating automatically, the app could be interfering with the system. As a result, we recommend that you uninstall such an app to resolve the issue. But first, boot into safe mode to see if the problem was caused by an app. Safe mode is intended to assist you in diagnosing and resolving software-related issues on your Android phone. When you enter safe mode, all third-party apps are disabled, leaving only the essential apps. To enter Safe Mode on your phone, follow the steps below.

  • To access the power menu, long-press the Power button.
  • Hold down the power-off button until a pop-up appears. Long-press the HiOS/XOS logo on TECNO and Infinix phones instead.
  • Click Ok on the Reboot to Safe Mode window and wait for your phone to restart.
  • Try rotating your screen while in Safe mode to see if it works. If it works, locate and delete the most recently installed app.
  • If your screen still won’t rotate, it’s more than likely due to a software issue. You must go to the service center.

Final Words

After applying all this above solution and still stuck in the same issue than we recommend you to go to their official Android support website and request your problem to be solved. Any of these issues may prevent your phone’s screen from rotating properly when you turn it. The auto rotate option is disabled or not operational. The screen you’re using isn’t set to rotate automatically. Recent apps are causing auto-rotation to fail. When you rotate, you make contact with the screen. Your Android needs to be updated, or your G-sensor or accelerometer is malfunctioning.

I hope you understand this article, How to Fix Auto Rotate Not Working on Android.

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