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How to Fix ‘Blurry Image in PicsArt’ Issue

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Check How to Fix ‘Blurry Image in PicsArt’ Issue

Sometimes you are having fun and you are not thinking about every creative detail of the images you are capturing. You are simply absorbed in the now. Then when you review your photos later, you discover that the backgrounds can be improved. Perhaps you were photographing strangers against the backdrop of a busy street or in a crowded restaurant. Worse still, those strangers are in focus, as is your subject, making it difficult to discern who is in the center of the photo or where the viewer’s view should be drawn. Do not worry. It is the ideal opportunity to use a later blur effect.

You can effectively adjust the focus of your shot by using a blur effect. It’s like going back to the moment you took the photo and deliberately blurring the background to draw attention to your subject. To use this effect selectively, you’ll need to figure out how to blur part of a photo without making the entire image appear out of focus. This lesson will show you how to blur particular parts of a photo without affecting the rest of the image.

But first, we would like to point out that not all effects are necessary to “enhance” a photograph. Some may exist just for fun. So if you came to this post looking for a means to blur your photographs so that they appear to be traveling at breakneck speed or in a vortex, you are still in the right place. We’ll also teach you how to apply a quirky effect in the second half of the tutorial below, which will make your viewers laugh or even fool them into thinking your subject is moving so fast.

How to blur the background of a photo

  1. If you want to selectively blur parts of a photo to help your subjects stand out, you will need to apply a wholesale effect to your image and then remove it from specific areas. After learning these steps, you will know how to blur the edges of a photo or the entire background. You can even use this technique to blur specific objects or sections, even small ones.
  2. Open the PicsArt mobile app and click the purple plus sign at the bottom of the screen to start a new project. Your photo library will appear. Choose the photo you want to apply the blur effect to.
  3. On the edit screen, choose “FX” from the menu below your canvas.
  4. You will notice that the subject of the photo, often the person in the center, is surrounded by passersby. Because the background of the photo is only slightly out of focus, the subject does not stand out as much as it could if the background were more blurred. At the same time, we don’t want to blur the background completely. So in this step, we will apply a blur effect to the photo, but not one that is so intense that it blurs the background. Highlight “Blur” at the bottom of the screen to find our category of blur filters. Next, locate the standard “Blur” effect and click to apply it to the photo.
  5. Now, we can adjust the intensity of the effect. Click the filter again to bring up the adjustment sliders. You can move the “Blur” filter to change the density of the effect and the “Feather” filter to determine the intensity with which it is applied to the photo. If your goal is to blur the background of your photo, take a look at those areas of your image. It doesn’t matter now how the foreground looks. You will be able to change this in the following steps. If the background appears to be properly out of focus, you can continue by tapping the eraser icon at the top of the screen.
  6. Now is the time to undo the blur effect selectively. We recommend using our easy-to-select options when possible. This feature allows the app to do the work of outlining the areas of your photo that you want to remove the effect from. In this example, we just want to remove the filter from our subject, which is the person in the center of the photo. So this is an ideal case for using one of the easy selection tools: “Person”. When we touch this tool, the application automatically selects only the person or people in the image.
  7. Now that we have selected only the people in the photo, there is a minor but easy to fix problem. Rather than undo the effect on those people, the app removed the filter from the background. Click “Invert” at the bottom of the screen to invert the effect, and you will see that the selected objects, in this case, people, are now sharp while the background is blurred.
  8. Now, there is another little problem. Since this photo has multiple people, they are all in focus. Don’t worry, it’s an easy fix too. All you have to do is click “Restore” and swipe your finger across the screen to reapply the blur effect in the places that should not be in focus, being careful not to slide your finger over the edges of the subject. accident. Take your time and if you make a mistake, just hit delete to go back to the area where you made the mistake.
  9. You have successfully finished blurring the background of your photo. Click the check mark in the upper right corner of the screen and go to the next step to learn how to export or share your photo.
  10. You can apply this effect to varying degrees. Take the following example. In this portrait, we just blur the background a bit. We follow the same steps as the previous one, but lower the intensity of the effect using the adjustment sliders (step 4). The overall effect is more subtle. Whatever you choose, when you are ready to export your photo, you can save the image to your phone or share it by tapping the down arrow at the top of the screen.

Final remarks: How to Fix ‘Blurry Image in PicsArt’ Issue

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