How to Fix ‘Cinema APK Buffering’ Problem

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Check How to Fix ‘Cinema APK Buffering’ Problem

Cinema HD is one of the best streaming apps you can find on the market. It has an impressive library of movies, TV series, and shows that you can watch on the go. However, many users have complained about buffering issues when watching content. Buffering, while it can be frustrating, is sadly a common issue that occurs with many streaming apps and services. Cinema HD buffering is never a welcome situation, no matter what you’re watching or what device you’re using.

It causes annoying delays while the transmitted data gradually reaches your Android, iOS, Firestick, Roku, PC or other devices. Some buffering can be uncontrollable, but you CAN fix at least part of it. If you are still struggling with this issue or your Cinema HD keeps crashing, the solutions in this article will help. Although these solutions have been shown to work on Fire TV Stick devices, most of them are likely to work on other devices as well, such as Android TV Box, Nvidia Shield, and more.

How to fix ‘Cinema APK buffering’ issue

Check your Internet or WiFi speed

  • Go to Search > Search from the home screen of your FireStick
  • Search for internet speed test app.
  • Follow the instructions on the screen and install the app.
  • After it is installed, launch the app. Now click START TEST and check your internet speed.

WiFi optimization for smooth playback/streaming

  • Users may face buffering issues on Cinema APK because various apps hog your network bandwidth. Whether you are downloading in the background and streaming simultaneously or using multiple devices at the same time, your device will face huge bandwidth consumption. If you don’t want to deprive Cinema HD of enough internet connection to stream your content effortlessly, please prioritize your devices in your router settings or turn off other unnecessary devices.

Use a VPN while streaming in Cinema HD

  • Cinema APK buffering issue may simply be because the content you are trying to stream is restricted in your geographic location by the government. or your ISPs (Internet Service Providers). Additionally, ISPs also throttle your internet speed if they detect that you are using a third-party app like Cinema HD for streaming.
  • To address this issue, you can simply use a VPN while streaming. This way your data will also be safe, secure and encrypted even from your ISPs.

Try clearing the Cinema HD cache

  • Go to the gear icon from your FireStick home screen
  • Now, select Applications
  • Then scroll down and click on Manage installed apps
  • Click on the Cinema HD app from the list of your installed apps.
  • Finally, click Clear Cache to clear app caches.

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