How to Fix Epic Games Socket Open Error

If you enjoy playing online games on the Epic Games launcher, you may frequently encounter the open socket problem. This prohibits you from accessing the launcher. While it mostly happens with the Fortnite game, it can also happen with other Epic games on occasion. Many titles, including Fortnite and Rocket League, may be found via the Epic Games launcher. Before you can begin playing any of the platform’s games, you must first log into the Epic Games launcher. While logging in appears to be a straightforward process, it does not always proceed as planned. Errors and problems, such as the socket open issue, might prohibit players from entering into their Epic Games accounts. In this article we will try to teach you how to Fix Epic Games Socket Open Error.

Such errors frequently appear when there is a server outage, but they might also emerge as a result of internet connectivity troubles on your end. A socket aids in the creation of a two-way communication bridge between two network-running programmes. When a client requests a connection on the server’s machine and port, an FTP server answers to the socket. If the server accepts the connection request, the client will be able to communicate with the server once the connection has been acknowledged on his end. A socket error, on the other hand, can occur if neither the client nor the server respond. Below we have mention the steps to resolve Epic Games Socket Open Error.

5 Ways to Fix Epic Games Socket Open Error

How to Fix Epic Games Socket Open Error

Change to a Wired Connection

There is a lot of controversy on the internet about wired vs. wireless connections. For starters, WiFi router connections can be readily disrupted by household devices such as microwave ovens, other radio signals (including radios, Bluetooth, and other WiFis), and how many layers of floor and walls separate you from your modem! It will result in packet loss, connection issues, or increased latency or ping. Although you must first ensure that your internet service provider (ISP) is up to par, you cannot blame the cable if your provider is unable to offer you with a steady connection in the first place.

Check The Server Status

Before you start Googling for fixes and experimenting with your connection, check to see if Epic Games and/or Fortnite servers are currently operational. Perhaps there is unexpected maintenance, or perhaps you missed a normal maintenance announcement. Go to the official Epic Games Public Status page, which includes all Epic Games-related server statuses, including Epic Store, Fortnite, Fall Guys, and Rocket League.

Edit Epic Games Launcher Engine.ini File

  • Click Start.
  • Type %localappdata% and press Enter.
  • Open the EpicGamesLauncher folder.
  • Open the Saved folder.
  • Open the Config folder.
  • Open the Windows folder.
  • Open Engine.ini and add the following lines:
  • HttpTimeout=10
  • HttpConnectionTimeout=10
  • HttpReceiveTimeout=10
  • HttpSendTimeout=10
  • ChunkDownloads=3
  • ChunkRetries=20
  • repetition time = 0.5
  • Save the file and open the Epic Games Launcher.

Restart Your Modem or Router

A modem or router is still a (small) computer — it’s only designed to do one thing: manage your internet connections. And, just like your console or computer, things might go wrong at times. Turning off the device, waiting 10-30 seconds, and then turning it back on may have resolved any crashes, IP conflicts between connected devices, or even overheating. Because of this, the most simple tech advice is frequently the most effective.

Change Your DNS Address

Your ISP will usually provide you default DNS addresses that do not need to be altered. However, DNS servers can go down or inadvertently filter/block connections to specific servers, resulting in Epic Games Store socket open problems. Change your DNS server to a more common one, such as Google’s ( and or Cloudflare’s ( and

What would cause a socket error

  • Server Issue- If there is a server issue on the backend, you may encounter network difficulties when attempting to sign in.
  • This issue can be caused by incorrect DNS or network settings. If you recently set your network settings incorrectly, you may experience network problems.
  • Lack of Administrator Credentials- When the application is executed without administrator capabilities, it cannot access several settings that require administrator privileges.
  • A firewall may be blocking- The firewall may prevent an application from gaining access to a network connection. Most network problems occur while playing when the firewall blocks the network permit.
  • Furthermore, it could be a transient issue or glitch that can be resolved by restarting the Epic Launcher. If you haven’t tried it yet, you should.
  • Instable Internet connection – Problems with the network connection might easily result in a Socket Open Error.
  • Firewall block – The firewall is designed to protect your system from unauthorised access, but it can occasionally prevent software from connecting to a server. Check to see if the firewall is blocking a port or a programme for more information.
  • Antivirus interferences are known to cause problems with some applications by interfering with normal processes, therefore temporarily removing it may solve the problem.

Final Words

We hope you like our article on methods to Fix Epic Games Socket Open Error will help your and resolve all your problems. The mistake denotes Sorry While logging into Epic Games Launcher, a socket was open. If the error is caused by a server problem or a temporary bug, it will be resolved as quickly as possible. Furthermore, the firewall may be interfering, or you may be experiencing network connection problems. Further investigation reveals that the socket is a module that connects the client and server across the network. If you are facing the similar issues and want to know how to resolve this problem then follow the steps mentioned above.

I hope you understand this article, How to Fix Epic Games Socket Open Error.

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