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How to Fix ‘Face­book Keeps Log­ging You Out’ Issue

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Check How to Fix ‘Face­book Keeps Log­ging You Out’ Issue

Facebook is one of the most popular social networking sites out there. Not only does it allow you to connect with people around the world, but it also allows you to play games, network with colleagues, set up a business profile, and even earn money. It is a platform with a wide variety of uses and benefits. No wonder it is so popular.

Since we spend a lot of time on Facebook doing different things, there is nothing more frustrating than automatically logging out when you’re in the middle of something. You may be in the middle of a game or chatting with a friend if you suddenly disconnect. There are many possible causes for this. Fortunately, many of these problems can be solved almost instantly. Let’s go over some of the most common reasons for logging out of Facebook.

Make sure there is no more than one initiated person:

Even if this happens rarely, if someone else is trying to access your Facebook account while using it, you can log out. Especially if the person uses a different IP address. Maybe your friend or sister has your password and decides to log in at the same time as you, you could fight the logout problem. This will also be the case when hackers try to take over your account.

Just head over to the Facebook settings page and under “Security and Login” select Change your password and choose to receive alerts for unacknowledged logins. This option can also be used to have 3-5 friends as contacts if you’ve ever locked your account.

Wait for Facebook glitches:

As you already know, Facebook has over 2.4 billion active users, so you should expect bugs and glitches from time to time. If the website is undergoing maintenance or experiencing other problems, this could lead to you being logged out, along with other Facebook users around the world. If that’s the case, you just have to wait until it is resolved.

Log out when you have to:

Users must be able to log out whenever they want and not against their wish. And to be fair, it is always wise to log out of all social media apps from time to time. Just make sure you are in charge of the logout process and that no one is trying to gain unauthorized access. Everything else can be rectified.

If all options have been exhausted and you are still struggling with the constant logout issue, reach out to Facebook here. Just head over to the Facebook Help Center, choose the issue you are struggling with from the drop-down menu, and then describe the issue. After that, send and wait for a reply.

Delete your cookies:

Your Facebook that keeps logging out could have something to do with the cookies your browser uses to monitor the websites you visit. Maybe your settings are automatically configured to end your session after a specific period. Therefore, you should check the cookie settings for the browser you are using. Unlike other applications, Facebook has a long active session time, even if its sessions are also exhausted. In short, clearing your cookies can solve the logout problem.

Use automatic Facebook login:

Automatic login is a vital tool that a user must have on the Internet. Typing in your email and password information every now and then may be safe for you, but it’s definitely a waste of time. If you’re sure you’re the only person using your PC, automatic login makes perfect sense. The same applies to Facebook, as soon as you log in, you will have the option to allow the website to start it automatically when you return. If you refuse to choose this option, wait for the session to be logged out once you leave the site.

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