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How to Fix ‘Google Play Store White Screen’ Issue

This tutorial is about How to Fix ‘Google Play Store White Screen’ Issue. Recently I updated this tutorial and will try my best so that you understand this guide. I hope you guys like this blog, How to Fix ‘Google Play Store White Screen’ Issue. If your answer is yes then please do share with your friends after reading this.

Check How to Fix ‘Google Play Store White Screen’ Issue

Google Play Store or Play Store is one of the busiest Google apps on an Android device and like other apps it is also prone to crashes. While some users get errors like waiting to download, others can’t even see the list of apps it contains. When they open the Play Store, all they see is a blank screen.

As a result, you cannot download or update apps from Google Play Store due to the white screen issue. Closing the application does not solve the problem. So what is the solution? Do you need to factory reset your device? No, at least before trying 13 ways to fix Google Play Store white screen are shared by Tips Make shortly.

Fix black and white Google Play Store screen

  • Clearing cache and data is the most helpful way to solve Google Play Store screen that is not responding. Data packets get stuck and stop data transmission. Therefore, the application does not load correctly.
  • Go to Settings and head to the Application Manager. Scroll down and find the Play Store app. Force close the application and then clear the cache and clear the data.
  • Deleting your existing Google account and adding a new account is also a great way to fix Google Play Store white screen. Go to Google Accounts in Settings and delete the account. Create a new account or add the same account profit. This will fix the Play Store blank and blank screen issue.
  • Make sure you don’t download the apps on mobile data. The Google Play Store is known to have problems with mobile phone operators and mobile data. Connect to a stable internet connection and then try to open the Play Store. This will fix the blank screen issue in Play Store.

Final remarks: How to Fix ‘Google Play Store White Screen’ Issue

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