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How to Fix ‘Instagram Crashing on iPhone’ Issues

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Check How to Fix ‘Instagram Crashing on iPhone’ Issues

Does the Instagram app keep crashing on your phone? Well, several Android and iPhone users have reported that Instagram hangs or closes automatically when uploading stories, posts, scrolling through reels, or trying to open the DM. It can happen due to multiple reasons, but it can be easily fixed by a few simple troubleshooting steps. In this article, let’s take a look at some quick ways to fix Instagram crash issue on Android and iOS.

Check if you have apps running in the background

One of the first things to do if any of your applications keep crashing is to check what applications you have running in the background. These applications use your phone’s memory and storage, as well as a sufficient amount of your phone’s battery. Having too many apps constantly running in the background could be preventing Instagram from working properly and causing it to crash.

Closing apps running in the background may not fix your Instagram issues on its own. Give it a try along with other measures on this list and see if it improves the performance of your app.

Find out if your phone has enough storage space

Instagram can fail because you don’t have enough memory or storage on your smartphone. You can check how much free storage space your phone has through settings or using File Manager.

If you see that your phone is running out of storage space, use the Clean tool to free up some storage. If that’s not enough, you can try moving some apps to an SD card to expand the storage.

You can also check if your phone has enough RAM as it can also affect the performance of your smartphone and cause problems with some applications. On iOS, you can find it by following the path Settings> General> iPhone Storage.

On Android, you need to enter developer mode first by following the path Settings> About phone> Build number. Tap Build number repeatedly until you see a message appear saying that you are now in developer mode.

Keep your Instagram up to date

If you have disabled automatic app updates on your smartphone, you may only need to update the app to fix a problem with your Instagram. Open the Google Play Store or iTunes App Store, type Instagram in the search bar, then download and install the latest version of Instagram and see if it improves the operation of the application.

Clear Instagram cache

After updating Instagram to the latest version, don’t forget to clear cached data and cookies as that is what could be causing Instagram to keep crashing.

To clear the app cache, go to Settings> Applications> Instagram> Storage usage and select Clear cache.

Reinstall Instagram on your smartphone

Some problems with Instagram are solved by removing and then reinstalling the application on your device. When you do, be sure to follow the steps below.

  • Uninstall Instagram.
  • Restart your smartphone.
  • Open Play Store or App Store, download and install Instagram.

Restart your smartphone

Many of the problems you may be experiencing with applications are fixed with a simple step like restarting your phone. It may be that Instagram keeps crashing due to some background app conflicts or some other problem with your device. Any of them are easily fixed by restarting your phone. Make sure to select Restart your device and not just turn it off and on again.

Check your phone and the rest of the apps for updates

We already mentioned that the problem that is affecting your Instagram app could be caused by another app or your phone. If you want to prevent other apps from crashing and freezing, it is recommended to turn on automatic app updates so you don’t have to worry about them in the future.

To enable automatic app updates on Android, open the Google Play Store app. Then follow the path Menu> Settings> Automatic application update.

On iOS, open Settings. Then select iTunes and App Store> Automatic Downloads> App Updates. After that, you can also check if your Android or iOS version is up to date in your phone settings. Select to update manually if not.

Reset your smartphone to factory settings

If all else fails and you are still experiencing glitches on Instagram, you can reset your device to factory settings. Please note that it will erase all data on your phone and restore it to its original appearance and settings. Make sure to back up all your information before continuing with this step.

On Android, you can reset your device to factory settings through the Settings app. Instructions vary depending on your phone model.

Final remarks: How to Fix ‘Instagram Crashing on iPhone’ Issues

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