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Fix iPhone Photos Unable to load photo/video Issue

This article will teach you how to solve iPhone photos unable to load videos and photos issues. Photos are an important part of our lives as we capture and store memories in them. With the technology we have today, like smartphones, we carry a small camera everywhere that allows us to take pictures of everything we see. But what to do if you can open those photos later? Some users have reported that they cannot access their photos and get the messages “Could not load photo” or “Error loading higher quality version”. This problem can have several causes.

The iPhone Take Amazing Photos and videos and perhaps that is why many users prefer to use it as their primary camera. Not only does your iPhone provide you with a high-quality camera, it also has a great photo management software called Photos that saves all of your captured content. Recently, some users have complained that their photos are not uploading to their iPhones in the Photos app. If you are a user whose photos and videos are not uploaded to your iPhone, your device settings must be configured incorrectly. Below we have mention the steps to resolve unable to load photos and videos on iPhone issue.

How to Fix Photos and Videos Not Loading on iPhone

Disable storage optimization.

As we mentioned earlier, the most common reason for the error message ‘Unable to upload photo or video’ is the storage optimization feature of iOS. iCloud automatically manages the size of your photos and videos to reduce the quality of your media. If you see the error message ‘Cannot upload photo or video’, try disabling Storage Optimization. This is what you should do:

  • First, open the Settings app on your device and go to Photos.
  • Under Photos, find Optimize iPhone Storage and turn it off.
  • Finally, select Download and keep originals.

Free up your storage

If your iPhone is running out of storage space, we recommend that you delete some photos and videos to free up space. Deleting unused apps would also help if you still need some breathing room. Follow the steps below to check if your device still has enough storage space:

  • First, open the Settings app on your device and go to General.
  • From General, and click on iPhone Storage.
  • Lastly, you will see how much space is left on your device in the upper right corner of your screen.

Access files from iCloud

If you still see the error message when viewing your photos or videos, we suggest you visit the official iCloud website and view your media files from there. After that, you can save the photos and videos on your computer and then transfer them to your iPhone. Follow the steps below to access your iCloud using a web browser:

  • Start by opening the official iCloud website with any browser.
  • After that, log into your account and go to the Photos tab.
  • Now, select the media files you want to access and save them to your computer.
  • Finally, transfer the photos and videos to your iPhone using Airdrop or your preferred file transfer software.

Update your iOS

The current iOS version of your iPhone may have an underlying problem related to displaying photos and videos. To rule this out, we recommend updating your device and seeing if the problem goes away. Here’s how you can check for iOS updates:

  • First, go to Settings and then search for General.
  • Under General, tap Software updates.
  • Lastly, if an update is available, tap Download and install.

Enable unlimited mobile data

If you use mobile data to access the Internet, you should grant unrestricted access to the Photos app to minimize download-related issues. However, keep in mind that this will consume more bandwidth, which could cost you more depending on your cellular plan. Follow the steps below to enable this option on your iPhone:

  • First, open the Settings app on your phone and find Photos.
  • In Photos, tap Mobile data.
  • Finally, activate Unlimited Updates. This will automatically upload and download photos from iCloud even when not connected to Wi-Fi.

Reboot your device

If the above solutions didn’t work, try restarting your device to allow your system to reload its resources. This will ensure that any bugs or temporary glitches are fixed once the system is rebooted. See the steps below to restart your iOS device:

  • First, press and hold the Volume and Power buttons until the ‘Slide to power off’ screen appears.
  • Now, drag the slider to the right until the screen turns off.
  • Lastly, wait a minute and turn your device back on by pressing the Power button until the Apple logo appears.

Scan for errors

Your iOS device’s operating system may have had errors, causing the message “Cannot load photo or video.” This usually happens when an update doesn’t run, or when other applications conflict with files on your system.

Final Words

We hope our article on ways to fix Photos and Videos Not Loading on iPhone issue will help you and resolve all your problems. Yes, it’s a issue to discuss that you are having issue in loading your photos and videos in your iPhone, there are many reasons behind this problems, though you don’t have to worry about any of them, you can solve this issue by following steps mentioned above. And still you are facing this problem then you can use other iPhone photos apps.

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