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Fix LCD Backlight Bleeding on PC monitor

Hi all, today in this article we will show you how to fix LCD backlight bleeding on PC monitor. Backlight Bleeding occurs when the layers that make up the monitor or TV screen are misaligned. In this case, there is a pressure inside the screen that changes the alignment of the components that emit the light. This misalignment directs the light in the wrong direction and causes backlight bleeding.

The nature of display technology is such that the use of LEDs (light-emitting diodes) will result in the phenomenon of backlight bleeding sooner or later. It can range from minimal to extreme levels and cannot completely reverse the change once the phenomenon kicks in. However, you can minimize its impact. Find out how to repair LCD backlight bleeding on PC monitors.

If your PC monitor is within the warranty period, please do not try to fix it yourself. This will void the warranty immediately. Get help from experts. However, if the warranty period has expired and you have not extended it further, you can try to fix it yourself. That’s how!

How to Fix LCD Backlight Bleeding on PC monitor

Unplug your PC monitor from the power supply

It is not advisable to proceed with a repair method without first turning off the monitor screen or unplugging it from the power source. Therefore, if you have your PC monitor plugged into a power outlet, unplug it.

Loosen the frame screws

One of the best known reasons for backlight bleeding is a panel fastened with screws that are too tight. This can cause the screen to warp. To loosen it a bit, take a screwdriver and gently loosen the screws. Too much force can break the screen.

Slightly bend the screen frame

If you notice a significant amount of light bleeding through the edges of your PC monitor, try bending the frame after loosening the screws. This will fix the frame properly on the display screen and prevent any light leakage from the edges.

Clean the surface in the area experiencing bleeding problems

Take the microfiber cloth and gently rub the areas where the bleeding appears in a circular fashion with your hands. Be careful not to damage the screen by applying excessive force.

Change the angle and distance you are viewing your monitor

Sometimes the problem persists only in certain angles and directions. So if the problem is not that bad, you can try to fix it simply by changing the angle and distance of your vision. Also, you can try adjusting the height of your monitor and reducing its brightness levels.

Final Words

Some types of backlight bleeding disappear by themselves. This is usually backlight bleeding due to pressure. There are also ways to minimize the problem if it gets worse over time. This will make it a little less noticeable. If you like our article, be sure to share it.

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