How to Fix ‘MySQL Shutdown Unexpectedly’ Error

If you use a local development environment, you may encounter issues that are similar to those encountered on a live server. In some cases, your WordPress website may be unable to connect to its database because MySQL is either not running or has unexpectedly shut down. The process of troubleshooting your MySQL database may differ slightly depending on which local environment you use. The process is remarkably simple with XAMPP because you get access to a control panel rather than having to rely solely on the command line. This article is about how to Fix ‘MySQL Shutdown Unexpectedly’ Error.

The ibdata1 file is the system tablespace for the InnoDB storage engine used by MySQL. While deleting this file may resolve the issue in some cases, it is also possible that it will render your database inoperable. As a result, it isn’t really recommended unless you don’t care about the data in your database. The error “Error: MySQL shutdown unexpectedly” is encountered by MySQL platform users. Some of the causes of this error include database issues and corrupted files.

As a result, removing these corrupted files will resolve the problem. When attempting to start the MySQL server via the XAMPP web server control panel, some users have received the “Error: MySQL shutdown unexpectedly” error message. In some cases, the issue manifests itself after users reinstall XAMPP on their computer. This occurs when the MySQL files become corrupted or damaged, in which case you must use the backup folder located in the mysql directory.

Using the XAMPP web server is extremely convenient and simple, but it does have some drawbacks, such as the localhost refusing to connect error message and others. After encountering the issue, users frequently believe that their databases are corrupted. However, this is not the case, and you do not need to be concerned about losing your data because this problem is easily avoided. Furthermore, there have been solutions floating around the internet in which users are instructed to delete the ibdata1 file within the mysql directory. Below we have mention the steps to resolve ‘MySQL Shutdown Unexpectedly’ Error.

5 Ways to Fix ‘MySQL Shutdown Unexpectedly’ Error

Change Your Client and Server Ports

  • To get started, open Windows Explorer on your computer and navigate to the xampp install location.
  • Navigate to mysql > bin inside the xampp folder.
  • Open the my.ini file with the Notepad application. To do so, right-click the file and select Open With > Notepad from the context menu.
  • After opening the my.ini file, modify the client and server ports.
  • Save the file and restart XAMPP after that. Finally, start the MySQL server to check if the issue still occurs.

Stop the MySQL Service

  • Open Windows Run command dialog box.
  • Type “services.msc” and hit the Enter key on your keyboard.
  • Scroll down until you see the MySQL service in the alphabetical list. Right-click on it, and then choose Stop from the context menu.

Repair the MySQL Database With Shell Commands

  • navigate to the XAMPP Control Panel. A shell can be launched by clicking the Shell button in the XAMPP Control Panel.
  • Open a shell and enter the following command to start MySQL: —console —skip-grant-tables —skip-external-locking mysqld
  • Then, from the Control Panel, open another shell window. Copy and paste the following command into the new shell window to repair the database: python mysqlcheck -r —databases —use-frm mysql
  • After stopping MySQL from the first shell window, close both shell windows. Restart MySQL after that.

Restore Your MySQL Backup Folder

  • Completely shut down the XAMPP web server. After you’ve shut down the web server, navigate to the location where XAMPP is installed. By default, XAMPP is installed in “C:xampp.”
  • Navigate to the “mysql” folder. Locate the “data” folder and rename it “data old” to protect the old files. This is an important step to ensure you have a backup.
  • Then, to create a new folder, right-click anywhere in the directory and select New > Folder from the context menu. Assign the name “data” to the newly created folder.
  • Open the “backup” folder after you’ve created the new data folder. Copy the contents of the backup folder and paste them into the newly created “data” folder.

Run XAMPP As Administrator

If you are using XAMPP to run MySQL, you will need to run it as administrator before you can start the MySQL service. To do this, find the XAMPP Control Panel shortcut on your desktop and right-click on it. Then select “Run as administrator” from the menu.

Why does MySQL shutdown unexpectedly

Before exiting XAMPP, you must stop MySQL. If you exit XAMPP without stopping MySQL, the MySQL data files may be corrupted. As a result, you may encounter a number of issues with MySQL, such as unexpected MySQL shutdown. If you’re having this issue, it’s possible that the MySQL data files on your system are corrupted. We have described some troubleshooting methods that may assist you in resolving this issue.

Final Words

We hope our article on methods to Fix ‘MySQL Shutdown Unexpectedly’ Error will help you and resolve all your problems. Some users are unable to launch MySQL from XAMPP. They claim that every time they start MySQL in XAMPP, they receive the error message “Error: MySQL shutdown unexpectedly.” The most common cause of this issue is corrupted XAMPP database files. If you are facing the similar issues and want to know how to resolve this problem then follow the steps mentioned above.

I hope you understand this article, How to Fix ‘MySQL Shutdown Unexpectedly’ Error.

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