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How To Fix ‘Unfortunately Samsung Keyboard Has Stopped’ Issue

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Check How To Fix ‘Unfortunately Samsung Keyboard Has Stopped’ Issue

So you take out your Android device to send a quick message to your colleagues that you will be late for the lunch you had arranged with them, and out of nowhere your console abandons you. Regardless of how much you try, it doesn’t seem to be working. You love your Android for every single rush message you can send through it anytime you need, and now you see the message “Unfortunately, Samsung keyboard has stopped.”

How to fix Samsung keyboard keeps stopping

If your Samsung keyboard keeps stopping, try these quick fixes.

Reset keyboard settings

  • If your keyboard works fine in landscape mode, but not portrait, you can try resetting its settings.
  • Use the keyboard in landscape mode.
  • Press Settings. If you don’t have the wheel icon on your toolbar, check out these images below.
  • In Settings, go to “Reset to default settings”.
  • Restart your keyboard.
  • Note that this option also resets all your keyboard language settings, so you have to configure them again.

Clear cache and keyboard data

  • Although your keyboard is a built-in application, it is not immune to problems and data you don’t need. So from time to time you need to clear cache and data to make sure it runs fast and smoothly. Here’s how to clear the keyboard cache on your phone:
  • Open your settings.
  • Go to Applications.
  • Show system apps and tap on its built-in keyboard app.
  • Select Memory and Clear cache and data.
  • After that, try using your keyboard again and see if the problem persists. If you still have the problem, try the other methods below.

Force keyboard restart

  • If clearing the cache and data is not enough, you can try restarting the keyboard. Using the “Force Stop” button to reset the application solves most of the keyboard problems that users encounter.
  • Go to settings.
  • Open applications.
  • Touch the application on your keyboard.
  • Tap “Force Stop.”
  • After that, try typing a message and see if your Samsung keyboard keeps stopping.

Reboot your device

  • Although it may seem ridiculous to some people, restarting your device can solve common problems on different phones. Resolve app crashes and other minor issues to keep your Android running smoothly.
  • To restart your device, press and hold the Power button for a couple of seconds and press the Restart button.
  • You can also hold it down for at least 20 seconds to automatically restart your phone.

Boot your phone into safe mode

  • If you suspect another app is the problem, you can boot into Safe Mode and see if you’re still having trouble. This diagnostic mode disables all third-party applications for you to troubleshoot.
  • Press and hold the power button.
  • Touch and hold the “Power off” button.
  • Select “OK” to confirm.
  • You can also activate safe mode by turning off your device, holding the power button until the logo appears, and pressing the volume down button for a couple of seconds until your phone boots into safe mode.
  • If your keyboard works fine in safe mode, it means that another app is causing your keyboard to lock. If that’s the case, you can now troubleshoot and uninstall apps that you suspect are causing this problem.
  • After clearing the cache and data or uninstalling the app causing the problem, you can now restart your phone to disable safe mode.

Use third-party keyboard apps

  • If your Samsung keyboard stops every time you try to use it, you can try changing your keyboard and using third-party apps to replace it. There are many keyboard apps for Android, and it won’t take long to find the right one for you.
  • If you ask us, we recommend that you use Google’s Gboard app. With its great features and customization options, you wouldn’t go back to using your default keyboard once you try to use it.

Final remarks: How To Fix ‘Unfortunately Samsung Keyboard Has Stopped’ Issue

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