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How to Fix Windows 11 Not Showing App Icons in the Taskbar

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Check How to Fix Windows 11 Not Showing App Icons in the Taskbar

One of the best Windows productivity tips for me has always been pinning my favorite program to the taskbar for quick access. However, not everyone is as lucky as me, and recently many Windows 11 users have been complaining about missing taskbar icons on their laptops or desktops. Finding bugs in Windows 11 may not be anything new. Fixing crashes and errors has been the new standard for Windows users ever since the recent introduction of Windows 11. However, we cannot attribute this problem to Windows 11 as it existed in earlier versions of Windows such as Windows 10. Windows 10, there was still an issue where taskbar icons just disappeared. If any of your taskbar icons are missing, read on because you will find out how to quickly fix “Windows 11 taskbar icons not appearing” issue.

How to fix Windows 11 not showing app icons on taskbar

Exit tablet mode

In Windows 10, tablet mode makes your device touch-enabled so you can use your computer without a keyboard or mouse. Even if your device doesn’t come with touch capabilities, tablet mode still influences how your computer works. By default, Windows will hide taskbar icons when tablet mode is enabled. Fortunately, you can easily turn off tablet mode from Windows settings or Action Center.

Restart Windows Explorer

First, let’s try restarting Windows Explorer. Before following these steps, be sure to save your work to avoid data loss. Then close all open windows and applications. Once you’re ready to restart Windows Explorer, here’s how to do it through Task Manager:

  • Right click Start and select Task Manager. Or use the keyboard shortcut Ctrl + Shift + Esc.
  • Open the Processes tab and right-click in Windows Explorer.
  • Click Restart.

This will finish the process and should resolve the missing icons issue. However, if your icons are still missing from the taskbar, move on to the next solution to fix it.

Check taskbar settings

If Windows 10 does not display certain icons within the taskbar, you should check your taskbar settings. This is how you can do that:

  • Click Start, then go to Settings > Personalization.
  • From the menu on the left, select Taskbar.
  • Disable the toggle button below Auto-hide the taskbar in tablet mode.
  • In the Notification section, click Select the icons that appear on the taskbar.
  • Turn on the toggle for the icons you want to appear on the taskbar.

Update the display driver

An outdated or corrupt display driver can cause Windows 10 to stop displaying taskbar icons. Although the drivers are updated automatically, you can also update them manually. Follow these steps to update your drivers using Device Manager:

  • In the Start menu search bar, search for device manager and select Best Match.
  • Expand the list of display adapters
  • Right click on the driver and select Update Driver.

Run the Disk Cleanup tool

This Windows tool will scan your computer for files you no longer need, such as temporary files, cached data, or files you’ve deleted and are now in your Recycle Bin. You can use the tool to clean up your system files and hopefully remove anything that’s preventing your icons from showing on the taskbar.

  • Right click Start and select File Explorer. Or use the keyboard shortcut Win + E.
  • Select the drive (C:).
  • Open the Tools tab in Drive and click the Clean icon.
  • Run the tool with its default settings to avoid other problems.
  • Click the Clean system files button to start the process.

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