BlogsHow to fix ‘Windows PC Webcam Not Working’ issue

How to fix ‘Windows PC Webcam Not Working’ issue

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Check How to fix ‘Windows PC Webcam Not Working’ issue

A broken camera can be due to faulty hardware, missing or outdated drivers, privacy setting difficulties, or problems with your antivirus software. When Windows detects new hardware, it usually downloads device drivers automatically. You may need to manually update your hardware drivers if you have switched to Windows 10. Some Windows Store apps are only compatible with newer camera models, so your old device may not work.

However, most desktop applications are still compatible with older cameras. A feature in Windows 10 disables the built-in webcam. It is a good idea to keep the camera turned off when you are not using it to preserve your privacy. However, if you activate this option by mistake, it can cause problems.

There are a few things you can do if your webcam is not working. For Windows 10, 8 or 7 PCs, we will teach you how to fix a broken camera using most internal and external webcams. If you own an Apple computer, you need to know what to do if your camera stops working.

How to fix a webcam that isn’t working

Follow these steps, in the order presented, to troubleshoot your webcam and get it working again.

  1. Check your antivirus settings. Antivirus software can occasionally interfere with webcams. Research your software settings to see if your antivirus is preventing your camera from starting.

  2. Connect the webcam to a different computer. If you are using an external camera, connect it to another device to make sure it works. If you are having trouble with it on multiple computers, the problem is with the webcam.

  3. Check the device connection. Shaking the cord or unplugging and plugging it back in can sometimes fix the problem.

  4. Check the USB port. Connection problems can occur at the computer end. Plug something else into the USB port to rule out a bad or misallocated port.

  5. Make sure the correct device is enabled. If you have a built-in camera and an external webcam connected, apps can get confused about which one to use. Check the application settings and look for the option to select your preferred device.

  6. Consult the manufacturer. For external webcams, check the user manual or the manufacturer’s website for more information. Many manufacturers offer troubleshooting apps that check for common device-specific settings.

  7. Update the webcam drivers. If the webcam driver is out of date, it may not work properly.

  8. Change your webcam system settings. There may be a system setting that interferes with the webcam function.

Final remarks: How to fix ‘Windows PC Webcam Not Working’ issue

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