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How to get Warzone Role Cards in Call of Duty

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Check How to get Warzone Role Cards in Call of Duty

In many ways, keeping up with the Warzone stats is just as important as playing the game itself. Knowing where you are can affect the decisions you make while playing the game, so it’s always a good idea to keep up with your stats and performance. Publisher Activision just applied a new method to summarize and share each person’s playstyle with the new Role Call system.

Get your Warzone role card

To find your Warzone role card, which will also contain all the stats you possibly want to know about yourself, follow these steps …

Visit the Call of Duty Feature Card website

Go to the official Call of Duty “Role Call” website via this link. We’re not sure why Activision felt the need to have such a silly name, but hey, it’s CoD, so nothing out of the ordinary.

Select “Find Out”

Once you have navigated to the website, you need to take a look and then click “Find Out”. Simple enough so far, right?

Login to your CoD account

Please have your details handy, because you will need to log into your Call of Duty / account. This will link your CoD account to this new Role Call website, allowing you to kick back, sit back, relax, and enjoy the wealth of information available.

How to find out the role of your Warzone squad

To find out what your Warzone Squad role is, all you need to do is take a look at the role card that was issued when you signed up on the Role Call website. There are a number of different roles available, all of which have different characteristics, and some nice little graphics to help you visualize the type of player you like to be.

What are the roles of Warzone?

In total there are 16 different roles, each of which is passed for several different reasons. For example, a Savior is someone who, as the name suggests, revives / saves many people. These are the currently known roles:

  • Assassin
  • Sharpshooter
  • Gunner
  • Fighter
  • Arms seller
  • Airstriker
  • High roller
  • Eagle eyes
  • Tank
  • Survivor
  • Prowler
  • Partner
  • savior
  • Vivifier
  • Swindler
  • Protective

The main purpose of the new Warzone RPG Cards is to give players a bit of closure, as Verdansk will be gone forever very soon. We may have been frustrated these past few months because the map feels stale and boring. We may have felt sad that the Nuke Event yielded basically nothing of interest a few months ago, and that almost nothing changed in Verdansk ’84 from season 3 onwards, but that doesn’t mean that Caldera is a bittersweet prospect.

Now that we’ve had a good look at Warzone’s new Caldera Pacific map, thanks to a recent leak of the entire map, we’re really excited about it. That does not mean that, despite the inconvenience described above, we are happy to say goodbye to Verdansk. It will be curious to see if this now iconic map will ever return, and it feels strange that we will never walk its trails again. In the meantime, these new Role Cards are a good way to say goodbye to this old friend.

Final remarks: How to get Warzone Role Cards in Call of Duty

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