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How to Install Anaconda on Ubuntu

An open-source framework and package manager for handling data science and machine learning workflows is called Anaconda. Some programming languages, including Python and R, can also be distributed. Anaconda assists in the processing of massive amounts of data, scientific computing, and predictive analysis with its more than 7500 different scientific data packages. There are both a free and a premium version of this software. In this article we will try to tech you how to Install Anaconda on Ubuntu.

A well-liked Python/R data science and machine learning platform called Anaconda is employed for scientific computing, big data processing, and predictive analytics. More than 7,500 more packages can be installed from the Anaconda repositories in addition to the 250 open-source data packages that are already included in the system. Additionally, it comes with the conda command-line tool and Anaconda Navigator, a desktop graphical user interface.

How to Download Anaconda on Ubuntu

Download and Install Anaconda Script

  • Go to the right menu and click Download Now when a new update is available. If there are no pending updates, click Check for updates to trigger a scan.
  • Move to the /tmp directory:
  • Download the newest Anaconda installer with the wget command. If you don’t have it, install it first:
  • Download the Anaconda installer:

wget https://repo.anaconda.com/archive/Anaconda3-2022.05-Linux-x86_64.sh

  • Once the download is complete, verify the hash code integrity of the package:

sha256sum Anaconda3-2022.05-Linux-x86_64.sh

  • The output will notify if any errors occurred. If there are no errors, move on to the actual installation step. To continue, run the Anaconda bash shell script:

bash Anaconda3-2022.05-Linux-x86_64.sh

  • You’ll be greeted by the Anaconda setup once you’ve executed the bash command. However, before installing it, you must read and accept its licence agreement. Press Enter to proceed.
  • Pressing the space bar a few times will bring you to the end of the license agreement, where you can accept the terms. Type in “yes” as highlighted and hit Enter.

Final Words

We hope our article on How to Install Anaconda on Ubuntu will help you and resolve all your problems. An open-source platform called Anaconda is used to manage processes for data science and machine learning. This framework helps handle massive amounts of data, perform predictive analysis, and perform scientific computing; you do not need to bother about installing each package separately with its dependencies. It has over 7500 scientific packages.

I hope you understand this article, How to Install Anaconda on Ubuntu.

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