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How to Install Discord on Manjaro/Arch Linux

In this article, we will talk about How to Install Discord on Manjaro/Arch Linux. A cross-platform program called Discord can be used for media and file sharing, voice and video conversations, text messages, and media and video calls. Gamers and streamers love it very much. Despite the fact that numerous open source projects have begun to use it to host their community conversations. Such open source communities have official Discord servers that you can access.

Discord is a well-known tool for group chat that was first created for gamers to create communities. But now that it has spread across the internet to encompass communities from offices, open-source project participants, and artists, it is a viable alternative to Slack. A discord community is a server with numerous channels, each of which is devoted to a certain activity.

Both gamers and streamers love it a lot. Many open source projects now use it to hold community discussions. Such open source communities have official Discord servers that you can access. Direct web browser access to Discord is available. If you install the official desktop client, you won’t have to search for the Discord tab in the open tabs, but instead you will receive system notifications and a targeted chat. Before you begin, we recommend that you update Arch Linux and Manjaro Linux. So, let’s start with the steps of Installing Discord on Manjaro/Arch Linux.

How to Install Discord on Manjaro and Arch Linux

Install Discord via Pacman command

Step 1: First update your system as it is a rolling release distribution and does not support incremental upgrades.

Step 2: Enter the following Pacman command on arch Linux in the terminal to update your Arch Linux system.

sudo pacman -Syu

Step 3: Now you can install the Discord package via the following command.

sudo pacman -S discord

Install Discord via Pamac

Step 1: If you use Arch Linux derivatives like Manjaro Linux, Garuda Linux etc. you have a graphical software center called Pamac.

Step 2: With this graphical tool you can easily install new applications or remove existing ones without entering the terminal.

Step 3: Start Pamac  from the Applications menu.

Step 4: Click Updates to update your system.

Step 5: Now click on Browse and search for Discord using the search button on the top left. Then select the package and click Apply to install.

Step 6: You can use Pamac to uninstall the package the same way you installed it.

Final Words

We hope you enjoy our article on how you can install Discord on Manjaro/Arch Linux. The Linux version of this fantastic tool for player communication, Discord, is still in the testing phase and will probably still have some bugs that need to be reported in order to be fixed. Although it’s not the ideal solution at the moment, it’s still much better than the alternative of keeping the browser open while playing, and you don’t even need Windows to use it.

I hope you understand this article, How to Install Discord on Manjaro/Arch Linux.

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James Hogan
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