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How to Keep Your Data When Changing iPhones

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Check How to Keep Your Data When Changing iPhones

Now that the best range of iPhones is launched with the iPhone 13, users have a shiny new iPhone in their hands. However, you want to transfer the data you had on your previous iPhone to the last one, but how do you do it? There are a number of ways you can complete this, whether you just want to use iCloud or go through a wired connection with your Mac or PC. These are some of the best methods to transfer data from an old iPhone to a new iPhone.

Transfer data from one iPhone to another via Quick Start

Since most iPhones run iOS 11 or later, we suggest that you use the Quick Start to set up your new iPhone and transfer the files from your old iPhone to it. Quick Start is an iPhone to iPhone data transfer tool developed by Apple.

With this tool, you can set up a new iOS device quickly using the information from your current device. Check out the steps to transfer iPhone data with Quick Start:

Step 1. Activate Quick Start on your new iPhone

Turn on your new iPhone and bring it closer to your old device. The Quick Launch screen will offer the option to use your Apple ID to set up your new iOS device.

Step 2. Pair your new and old iPhone

Tap Continue, wait for an animation to appear on your new device. Hold your old device over the new device, then center the animation in the viewer. Wait for a message saying Finish again and then enter your old device passcode on your new device.

Step 3. Set Face / Touch ID on iPhone

Set up your Face ID or Touch ID on the new iPhone, then enter your Apple ID password on your new device. If you have multiple iDevices, you must enter all their passwords.

Step 4. Restore from iCloud Backup

The new device will give you the option to restore apps, data, and settings from your most recent iCloud backup or update your current device backup and then restore. Just select a backup that contains the data you want to use to set up your new iPhone. You can also choose if you want to transfer the iPhone settings.

Transfer data from iPhone to iPhone without Quick Start

Well, a guaranteed safe software to transfer data from iPhone to iPhone would cover all the scenarios you might encounter when switching from iPhone. In this part, 2 highly recommended utilities are listed. Read on and find out how to transfer data from iPhone to iPhone without Quick Start.

# 1. AnyTrans – iPhone to iPhone Data Transmitter

Is there any method to transfer everything from one iPhone to another? As a comprehensive and easy-to-use iPhone data manager, AnyTrans can easily transfer data to your new iPhone in clicks (iPhone 13 mini, iPhone 13, iPhone 13 Pro, iPhone 13 Pro Max). Check out its main features and give it a try:

  • Transfer all your important data – With AnyTrans, you can transfer iPhone contacts, photos, messages, videos, music, ringtones and other data from your old iPhone to your new iPhone 13.
  • Transfer apps to a new iPhone with 1 click – AnyTrans moves apps from old iPhone directly to new iPhone seamlessly, so there is no need to download apps one by one from the App Store.
  • Without deleting data on your iPhone – Unlike restoring from iTunes or iCloud backup, the transfer will not overwrite any existing data on your iPhone.
  • Freely transfer all or selected data – AnyTrans allows you to freely choose what you really want to transfer, so that you can selectively transfer data to your new iPhone.
  • Move data from Android to iPhone easily – Also, if you are an Android user, AnyTrans can switch from Android to the new iPhone.

Now, download AnyTrans for free and install it on your computer first, and then follow the steps below to transfer everything from iPhone to iPhone totally or selectively.

Transfer all data from iPhone to iPhone

Step 1. Connect the two iPhones and choose the transfer mode.

Install and start the software> Connect your iPhones to computer via USB cables> Choose “Phone Switcher”> Click “Phone to iPhone” mode.

Step 2. Select the source and destination iPhone.

Select the source device and the destination device> Click the “Next” button to continue.

Step 3. Transfer iPhone to iPhone.

Select the categories of files you want to transfer, here we take Contacts as an example (Or you can Select all to move)> Click the “Next” button to start transferring data from old iPhone to new iPhone.

Final remarks: How to Keep Your Data When Changing iPhones

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