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How to Manage Alexa from Windows PC

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Check How to Manage Alexa from Windows PC

The Alexa app for Windows 10 was released today, allowing you to control the Alexa voice assistant from your PC using your voice or keyboard.

Previously, Alexa was only available pre-installed on compatible Lenovo PCs, but can now be accessed for download through the Windows 10 Store.

Wake on Voice functionality is currently limited to “compatible devices”, although users can use keyboard shortcuts or the Alexa button within the app to wake up Alexa. Surprisingly, the basic requirements only require a mouse and keyboard, but an Amazon representative verified that a microphone is also necessary.

While an app review claims that this version of Alexa can’t add skills or access smart home features, an Amazon spokesperson claims that it can operate devices if you first configure them through the web app. improve Alexa compatibility with PCs. Microsoft said in August that Cortana and Alexa can now be used simultaneously, a functionality that works with the Xbox One gaming system.

How to connect Alexa to a Windows 10 or Mac computer

To connect Alexa to your computer, go to and sign in with your Amazon account or create a new one. Then go to the website and click Settings> Set up a new device and follow the instructions on the screen.

  1. Open a web browser on your computer and go to
  2. Log into your Amazon account or create a new one. If you are already an Amazon user, you can log in with your email address and password and click Login. Otherwise, click Create a new Amazon account. On the next page, enter your name and email address and create a password. Then click Create your Amazon account.
  3. Then click Settings. You’ll find the Settings button on the left sidebar.
  4. Then click Set up a new device. On the Settings menu page, you will find this as the first option in the Devices panel.
  5. Choose a device to configure. Click on the name of your device in the Amazon device list. You may need to scroll down if you don’t see your device name at the top.
  6. Then click Continue to log in again. A message will appear instructing you to log in again to continue setting up your device. Click Continue.
  7. Enter your username and password and click Login. You will be directed to another Amazon Alexa login page. Provide your password and click the blue Login button.
  8. Then click Continue.
  9. Press the button with the dot on your Alexa device until you see an orange light. You’ll get on-screen instructions on the website, asking you to plug your Amazon device into a power outlet. Once your device is plugged in, press the button with the dot for six to 10 seconds until you see an orange light. Next, Alexa will say: “Now in setup mode. Follow the instructions in your Alexa app. “
  10. Then click Continue on your computer.
  11. Connect your Alexa device to your computer’s WiFi network. If you are using a Windows 10 computer, you can access your WiFi network by clicking the network icon in the lower right corner of your screen. Then select the WiFi network in the format Amazon-XXX, where the Xs are a combination of numbers and letters. If you don’t see this network right away, wait a minute for it to appear.
  12. Then click Continue to finish the setup on your computer. Alexa will say, “You are connected. Now, go back to the Alexa app.” In your browser, you will see a message instructing you to proceed with the configuration of your specific device. Click the blue Continue button.
  13. Select your WiFi network on the following web page. Click on the network you would like to use to connect to your device.
  14. Finally, wait for Alexa to connect. The website will display a screen that says it is preparing your Amazon device. You will see a progress bar when Alexa connects your device to the internet. This may take several minutes. Once setup is complete, Alexa will say “This device is ready” and the orange light will disappear as well. An on-screen message in your browser will also tell you that your device is online.

Final remarks: How to Manage Alexa from Windows PC

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