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How to Play Pokemon Go without Moving on iOS 16

In this article, we will show you how to play Pokemon Go without Moving on iOS 16. Pokémon Go is a free smartphone app that combines gaming with the real world. The game uses location tracking and mapping technology to create an ‘augmented reality’ where players catch and train Pokémon characters in real locations. The game centered on fictional characters know as Pokemon which humans catch and train to battle each other.

The popular game grew into a successful franchise which spanned TV, trading cards, comics and toys. As users walk around the real word, Pokémon characters appear on the game map. When users come within a close enough range the Pokémon will appear on the device screen and users throw Poké Balls at them to capture them. The aim is to collect as many different characters as possible.

The map is an anime-style version of Google maps that replaces real street names and landmarks with Pokémon specific buildings. After creating a Pokémon Go account, you can use all of the game’s features, trade Pokémon in Pokémon Go, and visit Poké Stops, where users can usually collect free Pokéballs (for catching Pokémon). Players can also find Pokémon eggs, which hatch into Pokémon that can be added to a user’s collection. Additionally, you can also reset Pokemon GO account. Below are the steps to play Pokemon Go without Moving and Walking on iOS 16.

How to Play Pokemon Go without Moving on iOS 16

Dr. Fone- Virtual Location

In general, users have a hard time figuring out how to walk in Pokémon go without moving. However, we have the perfect solution for this dilemma of Pokémon trainers, namely Dr. Fone-Virtual Location. With the help of this reliable tracking device, you can quickly move around without being detected. It can even change your speed to ensure you won’t be detected as a spy, and the Pokémon Go app will work the way you want it to.

To do this, the first step is downloading and installing the software. After a successful setup, follow the steps below:

Step 1: Launch the application software and select the Virtual Location feature. Connect your iPhone with the software and agree with the terms of use.

Step 2: On the next screen, you’ll see the map with a search box on the top. Look for any location in the search bar and click on it to adjust the pin.

Step 3: Finally, press the “Move Here” button to finalize the location you want to move. Once you’ve set the new location, launch Pokémon Go on your iPhone, and it will detect the exact location specified through dr. Fone- Virtual Location.

Now, you can enjoy playing Pokémon Go without any restrictions.

Final Words

We hope you like this article on how to play Pokemon Go without Moving/Walking on iOS 16. Few games force players to go outside and run if they want to level up, but Pokemon Go has made millions of players rediscover their legs. Not only are they getting a cardio workout, but they’re also getting out in the fresh air. According to Matt Hoffman, associate clinical professor at Texas A&M College of Nursing, that’s good news for everyone. Catching creatures, hatching eggs and hitting up pokestops to stock up on balls requires a lot of exercise – an excellent, low-impact form of physical activity.

I hope you understand this article, How to Play Pokemon Go without Moving on iOS 16.

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