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How to Play YouTube in the Background on Phone

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Check How to Play YouTube in the Background on Phone

YouTube is the place to go if you want to watch a music video or cosmetic instruction. Since we use it constantly, Google’s proprietary video platform is probably the best known and most used. But when we’re not using the app, YouTube’s inability to natively play videos tends to annoy a lot of us. When all we want to do is listen to the audio, having to constantly stay on YouTube while a video is playing is a hassle. There are some workarounds that we can employ to play videos in the background even if YouTube still lacks this capability. Read on to learn how to use YouTube without getting stuck.

How to play YouTube in the background on the phone

Playing videos in certain browsers (iOS)

While turning off the screen and continuing to listen to YouTube is a no-no in Safari and Chrome, it’s possible to use Apple’s Control Center with other browsers to bypass YouTube’s restrictions. Firefox and Opera Touch are two browsers that definitely work with this method, and we recommend trying any other iOS browser you prefer. This is how you can make this method work.

  • First, navigate to YouTube from the browser of your choice.
  • Then, search for the chosen video.
  • Once you’ve found and opened your video, switch to the desktop version of the site.
  • Start playing your video.
  • Now go back to your home screen. Your video should start playing in a picture-in-picture (PiP) mode.
  • However, this step seems a bit buggy and we had to redo it several times to get it to work.
  • You can leave the video playing in the PiP window and use your phone normally, or drag it to the edge to hide it.

Play videos with Firefox (Android)

Playing YouTube videos in the background on Android can be done in Firefox in a similar way as above for iOS. We have tested this for Firefox and it might work on other smaller browsers as well. However, it is unlikely to work in any browser based on Chrome, as Chrome has removed this option.

  • Launch Firefox as you normally would and go to the YouTube website. Be sure to type “youtube.com” in the URL input, as tapping YouTube in Google search results will usually launch the app.
  • Navigate to the video you want to play in the background.
  • Go to the Settings menu by tapping on the three dots in the top right corner of the window. Then tap Request Desktop Site.
  • Start playing the video and swipe up to close your browser.

Final words: How to Play YouTube in the Background on Phone

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